About PokerTrikz

PokerTrikz.com was the original free poker training site on the internet. Since January 2008, more than 200,000 micro and small stakes players have visited PokerTrikz to view our collection of free online poker training videos spanning more than 75 hours. The growing collection of my favorite poker articles covering different strategies, concepts, and game theory is also very popular. If you want to get started, I would recommend the videos first; they are the most popular on the site. Beginning players can start with Trikkur 7 about ABC Poker or Trikkur 15 about analyzing a losing poker session to see if it was successful or not. Intermediate players might want to check out Trikkur 1 about checking for value or Trikkur 3 about LAG play.

Poker Training School

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Why Did I Build PokerTrikz

My name is Jonathan Stephens, aka. Trikkur, and I decided to build PokerTrikz while I played internet poker in college. I had been playing Texas Hold’em for about two years and had finally moved up to the $1/$2 No Limit tables. I was making good money for a college student (~$3,000/month), but I knew I could be doing better if I worked at it. I was looking for a way to improve my skills when I decided to make a video of myself playing a session. I recorded live commentary about my thought processes in each hand and posted the video for other poker players to review.

I learned a lot about my game and ways I could improve, but there was also an unexpected outcome as well. I started to get messages from micro and other small stakes players about how much they enjoyed my video. Many of them were paying hundreds of dollars to watch videos at paid training sites, but they thought my teaching methods were even more helpful. I received dozens of requests for more videos and I happily obliged because I was helping myself improve the whole time. I wanted a place to host my upcoming videos and I wanted to know how to build a website, thus PokerTrikz.com was born.