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2-7 Triple Draw Guide - Rules and Basic Strategy for 2-7 Triple Draw

2-7 Triple Draw Guide

by trikkur

2-7 Triple Draw2-7 Triple Draw is an older poker game that has rebounded quite well since 2009. I expect the future to bring record levels of players to the Triple Draw tables. The recent success of 2-7 Triple Draw is largely due to the success of another poker game, 8-Game Mix. This is a mixed poker variant available exclusively at PokerStars that includes Triple Draw. Since it was launched it has become the most played mixed poker variant online, a position H.O.R.S.E poker has held without rival before 2009. With so many people learning how to play Triple Draw because they want to play 8-Game there has been a huge increase in the ring game traffic at PokerStars. Most 2-7 Triple Draw players can easily be considered novices, so if you have the ability and desire to master this game you can do quite well for yourself. You have already taken the first step by reading this 2-7 Triple Draw guide on the rules and basic strategy of the game.

How to Play 2-7 Triple Draw?

Most players tend to misinterpret the rules of 2-7 Triple Draw poker. Even experienced players have been known to make novice mistakes because the rules are very alien when compared to the other major poker games. Below are some of the basic rules of 2-7 Triple Draw:

Format – 2-7 Triple Draw is like 5 Card Draw only there are three draw phases instead of one.
Other Rules – Aces are always high in 2-7 Triple Draw and flushes and straights always count against you.
Objective – The objective in 2-7 Triple Draw is to make the lowest hand.  Since aces are high and straights count the best hand in Triple Draw is 23457. This game uses blinds just like Texas Hold’em and Omaha and you can draw up to 5 cards.

2-7 Triple Draw Strategy

The most important thing to remember strategy wise is hand selection. To call the blind you want to at least have three cards 8 or less. Depending on how many cards your opponents are drawing you will need at least 4 cards that are 8 or less by after the 2nd draw. The average winning hand for a full ring (6 players) is around 9 high. An 8 high hand might be worth a raise in some positions and a 7 high hand is always worth a raise.

Players tend to bluff a lot in 2-7 Triple Draw so you should always keep the odds in mind. After the last draw, especially when your opponent(s) drew at least one card, you should also take pot odds into consideration; even with poor hands like Queen high. If you are facing one other player, who has been betting and drawing one each time, and you end up with a hand like 2-3-4-8-Q you may want to call his last $4 bet to win a $40 pot. This is only true if the other player drew on the last card. Calculating the odds of him catching a higher hand than you is really pretty easy once you get the hang of it, you won’t even need a calculator.

Play 2-7 Triple Draw Online

2-7 Triple Draw at Carbon PokerPlayers from the United States may have a hard time finding a 2-7 Triple Draw game online. Carbon Poker is the only room available that offers Triple Draw and has enough players to get the games running. It is on the Merge network, which has anywhere from 1,200 to 3,000 players logged in at a time. Most of these players will be playing Texas Hold'em or Omaha, but there is normally 1-2 tables of limit 2-7 Triple Draw being played. Non-US players have a better option with PokerStars, but citizens like myself from the United States are not allowed to play there. As long as you don't mind waiting a few minutes from the 2-7 Triple Draw tables to start, or can play another variant of poker such as Hold'em or Omaha; you will be happy at Carbon. You can support PokerTrikz and earn yourself a $750 deposit bonus with a 35% VIP offer by signing up for Carbon Poker today. Good luck at the tables.

This article was submitted by my friend Josh. I may have done some quick edits, but the main content is his.