7 Game Poker Tips

by trikkur

7 Card Stud DealThe newest mixed poker version online is called 7 game poker mix or HEROSHA, which is actually an acronym for the games that make up 7-Game Poker.  Mixed games in general are the biggest challenge out there when it comes to poker and because of this – you’re likely to see some really big pots when you play on the 7 game poker tables.  You want to be profitable, no doubt – so you need a strategy going in to the new mixed game.  Let’s look at five 7 Game Poker tips to help improve your game.

Mixed Game Poker Tips

Tip 1: Don’t think you are Super Man (or Annie Duke).  One thing that is certainly clear when playing any mixed poker game, whether its HORSE or HEROSHA, is that every player around the table will be strong in a particular game or a particular rotation. You can’t win them all.  The important thing is to stay strong during the games that you are strong in – and to avoid losing big in the games that you are weaker in.

Tip 2: To hold your own in mixed poker or in 7 game poker mix means that you have some mastery skills in each of the games that are being played.  This is the whole point of mixed poker, to “separate the men from the boys” or the “women from the girls”.  An all-around poker player will be successful when playing 7-Game because they have developed skills in many of the games in the rotation.  Practice the individual games in the mix before playing to brush up your skills – but also be mindful of the fact that you may not do well in all of them.  Again, unless you’ve played in the WSOP, you’re not going to be comfortable with every game.

Tip 3: Practice makes perfect, especially if you want to earn a little cash by playing 7 game poker. PokerStars and many of the other sites offer you the option to play for free – so take full advantage of that and get some playing time in before you throw your chips on the table.

Tip 4: Learn from those around you.  Do your best to determine the rotations that the opposition at your table is struggling with.  Do you detect any inadequacies? Just as you’re not a top player in all seven games that make up 7 game poker, it is not a big jump to realize that the others at the table aren’t either.  How can you tell if a player is not confident about their game? You can notice timid play during certain games and aggressive play during others.  They might sit there playing with caution during Razz and then can’t wait to pounce when 2-7 Triple Draw is being played.  On games that they are shaky with, you’ll see many checks and very few if any bets.  Don’t forget that you’re being sized up by the opposition (they’re smart enough to visit this site, too) and that you’ll need to do your best to disguise your weaknesses to them.

Tip 5: Play nice.  Just like they told you back in kindergarten, you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. Many of the players who play the 7 Game poker mix are recreational players and they just want to have fun. Be nice – compliment them in the chat box – and watch them hang around to shell out their chips again and again.

Where to Play Mixed Games Online

Mixed Game Poker at PokerStarsPokerStars is the only poker room that has enough players to get less popular games like mixed poker up and running. As I look right now, PokerStars has 11 active tables with 62 unique players at the 8 Game Poker Mix, which is their current most popular version. This amount of active tables means you can find a table that isn’t full of regulars at most of the lower and mid stakes games. You might have trouble finding fish at the higher limits, but that is to be expected. If you sign up now using our PokerStars link you will earn a $600 deposit bonus when you create your account.

This article was submitted by my friend Josh. I made some edits, but he did the most work.