8 Game Poker Guide

by trikkur

Tired of the same-old, same-old? If so, then 8 game poker is for you. 8-Game Poker is officially called “Thorseha”, but since many folks have trouble remembering or pronouncing THORSEHA, the shorter nickname was assigned to it and has basically stuck. 8-Game Poker consists of (you guessed it) eight different poker games played in succession. The games that make up 8-Game Poker are Triple Draw Limit Deuce to Seven (T); Holdem Limit (H); Omaha Limit Hi-Lo (O); Razz (R); Seven Card Stud Limit (S); Eights or Better Hi-Lo Limit Stud (E); Holdem No Limit (H); and Pot Limit Omaha Poker. This 8 Game Poker guide will teach you the toughest mixed poker game I have ever played online.

Eight Games, Eight Sets of Rules

The rules of 8-Game Poker are dependent upon the rules of each game that is being played, thus there are actually eight sets of rules. Keep in mind that many of the games that make up 8-Game Poker are differing (limit/no limit) in structure, so you must adjust your strategies for each game when it begins in turn.

Typical Eight Game Poker Play

Depending upon where you play 8-Game Poker, the game is played typically with six players at the table. Each game in the eight game mix is played for six hands, although tournament action may chance the game at each level. Once the game has gone through to the last game of the mix, Pot Limit Omaha poker, then play resumes with Triple Draw Limit Deuce to Seven, and so on.

Mixed Poker Game

8-Game Poker Strategy

Not every poker player is particularly “good” at every poker game, and since there are such a big variety of poker games in 8-Game Poker, you have to make big adjustments to your strategy at every turn. During certain games, you may be stronger player than during other games, and you can use this to your advantage. As an example, if you have a great Razz poker strategy, but usually only break even or don’t do so well, at other games; you should play more aggressively during the games that you are best at.

When playing 8-Game online, it is always good to be aware that many of the players in the online gaming environment are not there to necessarily win money – but want to have fun and learn new gaming skills. For the serious poker player, these players represent a good chance for you to be cordial and keep them in a good mood so that they will stay in (and keep their cash on the table) as long as they are having a good time. Always be cordial and compliment these noticeable newbies (never criticize their game decisions in the chat box) so that you can maximize your profits!

Practicing each individual game with particular interest paid to those games that you really do well with is a sure-fire strategy for 8-Game Poker. Because there is so much action going on in 8-Game Poker, the biggest challenge that you will face is getting into the groove and staying there for each individual games. Mastering just a couple of the games that make up 8-Game Poker rather than trying to be master of all eight is your best course when playing this diverse game, which can provide a happy diversion from the usual poker play.

Where to Play 8 Game Poker

Play mixed poker at PokerStarsIf this mixed poker game sounds like something you want to play, I would head over to the world’s largest online poker room – PokerStars. While you can find the game running on a few smaller poker rooms – your table selection is going to be pretty scarce. PokerStars, on the other hand, always has games running at different limits so you can pick and choose your tables. Game selection can be even more important in mixed games than single games because you can find weaknesses in game types (such as draw games or hi/lo games). Once you can spot a weakness in your opponents you can have multiple opportunities to out play them, while just avoiding big pots in the games they are strongest at.

This article was submitted by my friend Josh. I may have done some quick edits, but the main content is his.