Badugi Poker Guide

by trikkur

Badugi Poker GuideBadugi Poker is sometimes referred to as Padooki Poker and is one of the hottest games of poker currently making its way around the poker community. Basically, Badugi poker is a variant of triple draw lowball poker that uses a traditional betting format although the hand rankings differ than that of similarly played poker games. Badugi can be very profitable among players that practice its concepts and know the rules and guidelines of the game well enough to navigate through a good strategy when playing. This Badugi Poker guide will attempt to accomplish just that and have you ready to play at the tables.

Badugi Poker Rules

Knowing the rules of Badugi poker is a very important Badugi tip. Although many of the rules are similar to the traditional triple draw games that you may have become accustomed to, Badugi has some specific rules that some players find difficult to get used to. Always keep in mind that Badugi is a lowball game, which means that the ultimate goal when playing Badugi poker is to come up with the lowest legal hand. The best Badugi hand is a four card hand made up of four – three – two – ace (different suits). Understanding all the rules is very important in Badugi poker.

Badugi Hand Value Guide

A lot of players find that calculating which hand is the lowest in Badugi poker is difficult. The best way to decide which hand is better is to convert the hand into an actual number. In the best Badugi hand as mentioned above, four – three – two – ace, for instance, a conversion can be made to the number 4,321. Thus, when comparing hands, a hand that is made up of five – four – three – two (5,432) is higher than a hand made up of five – four – three – ace (5,431) so the latter would win. This is the easiest way to determine the winner in Badugi. Interestingly, this same system works well when playing other games (Omaha 8, for instance).

Position in Badugi Poker

All serious poker players are constantly aware of positioning in the games that they play, and Badugi poker is no different. Take full advantage of your position at the table. For instance, if you are in the late position in the betting rounds, you have a bird’s eye view of what your opponents are feeling regarding their hands. Using this information, you will have an easier time deciding whether to fold or bet.

Is Badugi the Right Game for You

Although there is a good potential to make money playing Badugi poker; it is one of the most frustrating games out there. This means that if you lack patience or if you tilt easily, Badugi is not the right game for you to be playing.

As an example, you might go into the last drawing round needed just one card to make a good four card Badugi hand. There is a slim chance that you will get the card that you need – but it’s these very types of chances that make Badugi so profitable. If you scare easily, or if you have a very limited bankroll, Badugi may be too risky for you.

Badugi is also not a bluffer’s game; although those who enjoy bluffing might find some appeal to standing pat with a less-than-stellar hand to drive away competition (but this also shrinks the pot). Bluffing is generally a bad idea in any six player game, but this is especially true in Badugi.

Play Badugi Online

Play at Carbon PokerBadugi is not a very popular game online. This will make it difficult to find active tables if you are a player from the United States. The only poker room that still accepts US players and offers Badugi tables is Carbon Poker. You can normally find 1-3 tables of micro stakes action on the Badugi tables, but it gets more popular during weekends or holidays. New depositors at Carbon Poker will receive a $750 bonus, but if you sign up for Carbon Poker through PokerTrikz; you will also receive a special VIP bonus offer. On top of he $750 deposit bonus, PokerTrikz members will also receive 35% daily cash back on every single dollar of rake they pay.

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