HOSE Poker Rules

by trikkur

HOSE Poker

Image by: Grant Cochrane

HOSE poker is a mix of four different poker game variations where the game changes after a certain amount of time has passed. For example, after 15 minutes of limit Hold’em the game being played would change Omaha HiLo and after 15 minutes of that, it changes to limit Seven Card Stud, then Seven Card Stud HiLo and finally the rotation would start all over again with limit Hold’em. The HOSE Poker rules will follow each individual games rules when it is being played.

HOSE Poker Games

A game of HOSE poker consists of limit Texas Hold’em, limit Omaha eight or better, limit Seven Card Stud and limit Stud 8b. The games rotate in that order and all of the games are played using the limit betting style. HOSE is the exact same as HORSE, just without razz poker included in the game rotation. In order to be a winning HOSE player you must understand each of the four game variations and be able to skillfully play each poker variation.

Most people know how to play Hold’em and Omaha, so we will take a quick look at the Seven Card Stud HiLo rules so that you know how to play each game variation of HORSE.

Seven Card Stud is an ante game where you try to make the highest or lowest possible poker hand with the seven cards you are dealt. To begin a hand every player antes up and is then dealt two down cards and one up card. Whichever player has the lowest up card is the first to act in this first betting round. This player must either ‘bring in’ and bet half of the low limit bet, or complete the bet to the full low limit bet. After the betting for this round has finished all players are dealt another up card and the player with the best poker hand using their up cards starts the betting.

After this betting round is complete a third up card is dealt and play proceeds as in the previous round, except for the fact that the betting is now at the big bet level. The big betting continues for the next two rounds in which the last up card is dealt and a final down card is dealt. At showdown the player with the highest five card hand wins half the pot and the player with the lowest five card hand wins the pot, as long as the low hand is at least 8 or lower.

Where to Play HOSE Poker

Play at PokerStarsHOSE Poker can be played at PokerStars, the world’s largest and most secure online poker room. For mixed games, like HOSE, you won’t find a better option. The amount of players alone allows the games to run on a normal basis at a few different buy in limits. While not every player is a fish and some of them are quite good; a determined player can still win money at the tables. HOSE Poker used to be available at rooms such as Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker; but after Black Friday, I would avoid them like the plague. Those two networks got tied up in government proceedings and have refused to pay back US customers’ funds. PokerStars, on the other hand, paid every single player back and continued to operate as the largest poker room in the world after Black Friday. It shows you just how far ahead they were of even the 2nd largest poker room at the time. You can support PokerTrikz by signing up through our PokerStars link and you will receive a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus.

This article was submitted by my friend poker60950. I made some edits, but he did the most work.