LAG Style

by trikkur

A LAG style means you play loose (a wide range of hands) and aggressive (betting and raising instead of checking and calling). While raising every hand on the button is a bit too loose and not recommended; opening up your range of hands while on the button is a solid strategy. You can use the PokerTracker software to view your play statistics in order to analyze how many hands you play. Normal stats for a LAG player would be 24-30+% VP$IP (voluntarily put $ in pot) with a 20-25+% PFR (preflop raise).

The biggest advantage of paying a LAG style is your ability to play more pots. If you are at a table full of weak players, you would of course want to play more hands against them. The only way to do this is by playing a wider range of hands than you normally would. If the skill level gap is large enough to make up for playing weaker hands, you can increase your expected value for the session.

Playing more pots is a double edged sword though. You are going to put yourself in tricky post flop situations by playing weaker hands preflop. This is going to increase the amount of potential mistakes you can make per session. You can quickly flush away your profits by misplaying just one or two hands in medium or large pots. You may have also overestimated your skill level and get yourself into trouble with post flop play that you weren’t prepared for.

Small Pot Poker

You want to keep the pot sizes small when you are playing a LAG style. You should be trying to win most of your hands without ever getting to a showdown. This means a lot of preflop raises and 3-betting when you expect your opponent has a wide range themselves. You must remember that your isn’t going to be winning many pots at showdown.

Putting some thought into your continuation bet sizing is also very important with this strategy. Because you are playing so many hands, you must be able to effectively control the pot sizes after the flop. You will frequently be making 50% pot bets instead of the normal 75-90%. You need to think about your end goal for the hand and decide the reason for your continuation bet before you make it.

Blind Stealing

You need to be aggressive when playing a LAG style and steal blinds.

Double Barreling

If you are keeping the pot small on the flop, you will also allow yourself to make cheaper double barrel bluffs. Don’t forget that building large pots with weak holdings is losing poker though. Bluffing is an essential strategy with a LAG style, but knowing when to give up is just as important. You will be playing a lot more pots and can easily win back a few lost ones, if you kept them small enough.

Before you double barrel, ask yourself these 2 questions. It is probably correct if you can answer yes to both of them.

  1. Do you have live outs going to the river? I like to know I can actually make the best hand if my second barrel is called. Sticking more money into a pot when you re possibly drawing dead is a bad idea. This idea is applied even more when you are playing a LAG style because opponents will start to call you down lighter than a TAG opponent.
  2. Did the turn give your opponent a reason to fold? Remember that your opponent just called your preflop raise and then your flop bet. What makes you think they are going to change their mind now? The board texture must change if you want your opponent to play their hand in the opposite way they have been doing.

Want More LAG?

If this type of strategy interests you, then check out my Trikkur 3 poker video. I play a very loose aggressive game and raise a ton of hands from late position. I also make a lot of light 3-bets to take the lead in hands, while pushing my opponents off their hands. Seeing the LAG style in action can teach you a lot more than just reading this article will.

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