Wet and Dry Board Texture

by trikkur

In poker, we describe the board texture as a state of wet and dry. A board texture is either wet or dry, but never both. However, it may vary in the severity of the wetness or dryness. This means you may here descriptions such as “the flop was very wet” or “it was a mostly dry board”. This is an important concept to pay attention to because you will vary your plays and bet sizing accordingly.

Wet Board Texture

A wet board texture is one that connects with many possible hands or contains multiple draws. Examples of a few flops that are wet include; , or , or . These flops are very scary even for made hands because of all the potential draws. In an effort to decrease your opponent’s pot odds, you should make much larger bets than normal. You should also play your hand much faster and more aggressively than normal. You very rarely want to slow play on a wet board texture.

Wet vs Dry Flops

Not paying attention to board texture is like lighting money on fire.

Dry Board Texture

A dry board texture is one that does not connect with many potential hands. Examples of dry flops include; , or , or . You can vary your bet sizing by up to 50% of the pot on these board textures, which allows you to control the turn and river bet sizing. This ultimately allows you to be the one deciding if the pot being played is all in or just medium-sized. These flops are frequently known as Way Ahead, Way Behind because you are either crushing your opponent or alternatively have almost no chance of winning the hand.

Dry flops cause your opponent to totally miss with their hand more often because the lack of potential draws. This means he or she will likely always fold or always continue on with the hand regardless of what your bet sizing is. In this case, you should bet larger (80-100% pot) with your good hands such as top pair and overpairs and bet smaller (50-66% pot) when your hand misses the flop. If they always call or always fold, you will save money whenever they hit the flop. In the case that you missed and they hit, you will save some money on your continuation bet that gets called. In the case that you hit and they hit, you will get paid off a larger amount and make it more likely to get it all in by the river.

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