New Blog Section

by trikkur

I’m going to start rebuilding a blog section of It won’t be like the old user created blogs though. At this time, it will just be used by myself to explain upcoming site changes, bug fixes, or special news. I will also use it to post my life updates and explain why there has been a lag in the updates. I used to use the forums for these type of announcements, but I would prefer to use them mostly for support in the future and the blog is an easier way for you to check for recent news.

So since most of our new members haven’t used the forums this year, let me explain why I haven’t been updating much recently.

No Updates Since May?

There is a longer story to the whole thing, but I know this is a male dominated website and I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say, I got engaged at the start of June and it has been extremely hectic trying to get the wedding planned. I thought making it next year meant that I wouldn’t have to worry about it for a while, but anyone that has gotten married before will tell you I was totally wrong and probably laugh at me. With less than a year to go, we’ve had a ton of things to do and a lot of costs are quickly accruing.

This means I haven’t had a lot of time to put into PokerTrikz this Summer. In the few days off that I’m not being dragged like a belligerent dog to wedding stuff; I’m working on my new upstart company that builds websites for small businesses (with my whole 2 customers), while also trying to make some extra cash playing and selling Magic: the Gathering cards (Yes, I’m a big nerd, but Magic is a way better card game than poker).

What’s Next?

My girlfriend fiance wife has just started school again. This means I’ll have a bit more time to work on the website in the coming months. I do have some higher priority projects that I’m working on to help pay for the wedding, but I’ll still have do a few updates randomly.  I have already made a 100NL video at True Poker, but I haven’t started to write the article for it. Unfortunately, that is the part that I’m regretting the most as I am not motivated to write the video articles because they FOREVER! As you can tell by reading this blog post though; I am still slowly rolling out updates on PokerTrikz and will continue to do so throughout this year and next.