Rebuilding PokerTrikz

by trikkur

Note from Trikkur: This is a reposting of a page that I had up from Feb 2012 – March 2013 to inform people of the ongoing PokerTrikz rebuild. I have taken the original source page down and moved it to my blog for archival purposes.

Hello everyone. As you can see I am rebuilding PokerTrikz. You have likely arrived on this page for one of two reasons. Either accidentally because you followed a link that no longer exists; or on purpose because you want to know what the hell I did to PokerTrikz. The old version of PokerTrikz had some serious programming problems that caused most videos to stop working, refused to let me upload new videos, and had some loose scripts that would crash the server about twice a month. I tried to fix it myself, I tried hiring people, and I tried ignoring it. None of them came to an optimal solution in the end so I decided to scrap everything and start over with my content.

The new PokerTrikz is going to be easier for myself and more importantly, the users in the long run. I’m doing it right this time and every page is getting fresh content and more love than it did in the past. Unfortunately it means some missing pages and partially completed articles for a while. I hope everyone enjoys the new site and if you have any feedback, you can submit it on the contact page.

The PokerTrikz Videos

Most people are likely here for the poker training videos. I have decided to redo the entire video section of the website, so you may not be able to find the video you want for a while. From now on, each video will have a full length article that goes with it. I will summarize what happens during the video and expand upon the key concepts in the video. You can see a good example of this in the 1st video, Trikkur 1. This will allow users to understand the important lessons from each video and quickly reference them in the future. The downside is it takes a lot of time to re-watch a video, take notes, write an article to summarize and then expand upon the key concepts, and finally edit everything so you guys actually believe I passed my English classes. It will take time to get all the content up again, but it will be worth it to make PokerTrikz into a high quality resource that poker players can use for years to come.

Rakeback Section

Updated on February 27th. The rakeback log in and account creation process has now been fixed. If you created a new PokerTrikz account between 2/13 and 2/25 you may not have a rakeback account. Just contact me and I will make sure your username for the forum and the rakeback section is the same. Everyone is now able to create an account on the forum and they will automatically have an account created at the rakeback section with the same username and password. Your log ins are now synchronized; so if you log into the forums, you will automatically log in to the rakeback section and vice versa.

Updated on March 19th. The guys over at my rakeback affiliate network, PokerAffiliateSolutions, has came through for me again. They got the graphics update to the rakeback section finished and it’s looking good. I have a few minor tweaks myself to do on the navigation and text, but it is much easier to browse than it was. Remember that you use your PokerTrikz forum account name and password to log in to the rakeback section. If you already logged in on the forums, then you will already be logged into the rakeback section.

The PokerTrikz Blogs

No one was using the blogs anymore, including myself. It was going to be very difficult to rebuild them all on the new website, so I decided to just scrap everything. I’m sorry for anyone that used them or wanted their old posts; I didn’t expect to accidentally delete the entire server while making back ups. I think I lost them before the back up was finished, but if you want your old blog posts and can’t find them by searching with the Google cache or by typing it into – send me a message and I’ll see what I can do. I may have old back ups laying around a hard drive somewhere and some of your posts might be there.

Bug Fixes

March 25 – Unbeknownst to me, the contact page was not properly sending to my e-mail. If you have sent me a message through the Contact Us page since February 15th, please resend your request. I am sorry if I missed your message.

In Conclusion

Everything is going to be messy for a bit, but rebuilding PokerTrikz will make it better. Just check out a few videos and you’ll be able to tell this is a superior way of doing things. Not only is the subject matter more detailed and straightforward, but the videos play and can be skipped around extremely quickly. I’m also able to save about $1,500 a year in server fees with the new way of hosting videos, which is very nice.

I hope my new visitors enjoy the website and all the great free poker content. I also hope that my returning visitors can use the expanded content on each video and the more detailed strategy articles. I am determined to make PokerTrikz a source of high quality poker content that can last for years. Please enjoy the website and don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments or suggestions.

  • sander vanden bempt

    Well, good luck, i’ll be checking every movie out, as per usual. I hope you’ll get the traffic it deserves!

    • Jonathan Stephens

      It’s good to see you again Sander. Thanks for the good wishes. The
      rebuild has been coming slowly, but I’m happy with the new site. I need
      to get a cleaner design soon, but the content is my main focus right

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