Redoing the PokerTrikz Videos Again

by trikkur

I have a quick announcement about the training videos and strategy articles I’ve been releasing. In the past I would try to type up a full article for each training video depending on the subjects that the video covered. I have now decided to redo everything again and start with a new format. Hopefully this new way will create a better organization and allow people that want to watch videos to do so, while still creating a lot of great article content for people to read.

Now, the articles that are at the bottom of every video will only contain a few Interesting Hands and Key Concepts. I’ll type up a summary of a few hands that highlights a new strategy, a well-played hand, or even a badly played hand that I should have done differently. The key concepts will be the topics that I covered in the video that I will link to a full-length article about that subject. Some of these articles may take me a while to post, but this will allow me to post more Training Videos, which are definitely more popular than the actual articles.

You can see an example of this in Trikkur 1 and Trikkur 20. I will be continuing to edit these videos, while releasing new ones in the coming months. I hope everyone enjoys the new format and I believe it will be a great change for me and the PokerTrikz members. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them below or send me an e-mail.