Trikkur’s Blog

This is Trikkur’s blog on Here I will keep you informed of updates I am considering or implementing into the site. I may also talk about what is going on in my personal life to explain why there may have been a lack of updates recently.

Rebuilding PokerTrikz

Note from Trikkur: This is a reposting of a page that I had up from Feb 2012 – March 2013 to inform people of the ongoing PokerTrikz rebuild. I have taken the original source page down and moved it to my blog for archival purposes. Hello everyone. As you can see I am rebuilding PokerTrikz. […]

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Redoing the PokerTrikz Videos Again

I have a quick announcement about the training videos and strategy articles I’ve been releasing. In the past I would try to type up a full article for each training video depending on the subjects that the video covered. I have now decided to redo everything again and start with a new format. Hopefully this […]

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New Blog Section

I’m going to start rebuilding a blog section of It won’t be like the old user created blogs though. At this time, it will just be used by myself to explain upcoming site changes, bug fixes, or special news. I will also use it to post my life updates and explain why there has […]

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