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Originally Posted by mxrider View Post
Super Turbo sng's are HUGE in variance. It really takes away at the skill in poker and becomes a pushfest/luckfest of whether you get cards or not. I would recommend sticking to regular sng's to start with and outplay your opponents.
HUSNG push/fold situations are even more "solved" than STT/MTT SNGs situations, and still there's guys like skilled_sox, DiBasio, Mientjeuh and livb112 who are totally crushing $1000 to $5000 turbo HUSNGs with like 3-5% ROI over huge samples... Are they simply running good, because everybody knows nash equilibrium shove/call charts exactly at those levels...?

I don't know about those other guys, but at least skilled_sox is playing push/fold completely different (well... at least notably different, even with <15bb stacks) than those NE charts would suggest... at least from what I've seen.

And there's some guys who have been playing thousands (5 figure amounts) of high buy-in superturbos with something like 2-3% ROIs... are they also just running good?


Unless you're speaking about really high buy-in SNGs that "outplaying" thing really is nonsense... Most $30 SNG regulars (the best ones) are playing like 13/11 style on early levels, and on later levels it comes down to the same push/fold than superturbos... There really isn't any outplaying in FR SNGs imo. I don't know about shorthanded.

Also I would like to know if anyone knows sites which have sng super turbo videos?
DeucesCracked has at least one (well, it's actually two videos) by vandweller. There's also a few videos about SNG endgame, which should also be applicable.
srsly guise

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