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I loved playing at Cake about a year ago. The 33% rakeback was a huge help to build my bankroll as well as the deposit bonus was obviously nice to start. Recently they lost some of their sportsbook players though and I've heard the tables aren't quite as soft. I actually just did a 10NL video at Cake Poker and I liked their software updates. It was way better than it was in the past. Since you have Cake account, you can check out Doyle's Room which is on the same network. Doyle's Room Rakeback and Bonus offers.

I've heard some good things about the Merge network recently, which is where all the sportsbook players from Cake actually went. They have a 35% rakeback deal and actualy pay every day which has been neat. I've only played here for a few hours though. I don't like the software very much, but I've played at worse. Here's more details about Carbon Poker's rakeback and bonus offers.
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