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Unfortunately, Juicy Stakes is one of the harder US sites to deposit to right now. The only 100% success option is a Western Union transfer, which is what I used to withdraw from Red Star Poker back in the day. You can usually find a Western Union place in your local grocery store or pharmacy.

Some international prepaid debit cards will work there, but the success rate varies. I'm afraid to tell you that they are all good to go because I don't want you to buy one and then not be able to use it.

If Western Union is not an option for you then I can recommend True Poker and Bovada. I personally play at True Poker and they have some of the best payment processing available. You can find a lot of good reports on 2p2 and places that track withdrawal times. You can get a 27% rakeback deal for them, along with your deposit bonus.

Bovada, which is Bodog's US skin, DOES have the best payment processing in the US. Because they are primarily a sportsbook and have been doing this for years, they have a lot of good connections and have the highest success rate of credit card deposits. Their poker room is catered towards super casual players however and you will not be able to use PokerTracker or a HUD. They also don't have a rakeback program, but playing with weaker players can make up for this.
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