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  19. Just starting - bad call??
  20. QJs multiway
  21. 10NL - Turned Bottom Set vs. Tight/Passive Villain
  22. fd+gutshot, what would u do?
  23. JJ in the BB, vs a SB raiser.
  24. QQ 4-way
  25. 10NL AK 3bet scary flop and turn
  26. River ??
  27. AK Hand
  28. 44 vs. decent stat Micro stakes player
  29. KK vs crazy noob donk axe man
  30. Squeezing
  31. JJ OOP 170bb
  32. 1/2 stack raise, oops what now?
  33. ATs Multiway Flop with Draws
  34. AQ vs unknown
  35. AA 3way w/ shortstack
  36. 10nl Hand
  37. combo draw on flop
  38. Bottom set 3way 3bet pot
  39. 10nl j-10
  40. Best way to clear a $100 bonus?
  41. 3Bet pot OOp with KQ??
  42. KJ - 997j board. what does he have here??
  43. TPTK facing aggression.
  44. Min check raise witch on river with pp.
  45. Set on a draw heavy board.
  46. overpair on an paired dry board.
  47. Set on monotone board vs fishy villain
  48. Looking for a poker buddy :)
  49. Trikkur Videos Not Working?
  50. fold equity?
  51. NL 5]AQ 2 pair , terrible turn
  52. live poker 1/2
  53. Beating the variance
  54. AQos from SB vs BB ??
  55. Nlhe 0.01/0.02
  56. I know I should have folded but where?
  57. 10NL: AA facing aggression
  58. 50nl dubbelbarrel spot
  59. 50nl thin river value bet?
  60. Boat on the flop
  61. AQ TP in 3bet pot drawy board
  62. JJ vs aggrodonk 3bet
  63. TP decent kicker fold equity
  64. Folding bottom set on very wet board
  65. !!!!!Strategy for 55%+ VPIP players?@!!!!
  66. straight flop on limped pot
  67. playing marginal hands OOP river?
  68. Live hand facing aggrodonk shove
  69. QQ multiway vs limp-reraise
  70. folding AA on flop
  71. River the nuts - Betsizing?
  72. Unexpected river bet Re-Raise?
  73. An unknown fish snap-minraises turn again...
  74. Quick AK question
  75. Thin Value Turn turns into Valuetown River?
  76. But..but.. aren't Queens the nuts?
  77. Ship em down the river, Billy boy
  78. In depth studying your game
  79. could someone point me toward the definitive microstakes c-bet forum?
  80. still not sure about this stack off...
  81. AJ on 3bet pot
  82. Can we fold top two here?
  83. Staking
  84. medium flush: linecheck+can we somehow get away?
  85. Did i play this wrong?
  86. AK nl10
  87. 3bets @NL25: an observation
  88. Regular Calls 2 streets IP - How to play?
  89. Good turn bluffraise spot?
  90. River the second nut straight on a paired board, get shoved on by a bad player
  91. KK overpair in 3bet pot on 4st board
  92. Pick up QQ, Squeeze, trouble spot on flop
  93. Fish shoves on me twice in 4 minutes
  94. AA finally pays off....fourth time's a charm!
  95. Squeeze fishy raise with QQ, get 4bet..
  96. Aks in 4bet Pots
  97. Live Hand
  98. QQ Spot in 3bet pot, bet or check behind?
  99. Interesting Spot. Shove over?
  100. baby flush vs aussie fish check-raise...
  101. KK 3way 3bet pot
  102. AQo flatting raise in LP
  103. TT 3way 3bet pot
  104. OESD IP on flop facing pot sz donk bet
  105. AJoff on BTN
  106. TPTK facing turn shove
  107. TP and NFD blind v blind.
  108. I got scared, cried
  109. Awkward 3barrel spot
  110. Straight draw hits as flush card comes in
  111. Aces in 4bet Pot, deep
  112. Mandatory Second Barrel or Take the free card?
  113. QQQ facing river bet
  114. Nit or Good Fold?
  115. Raising limps, Am I doing it rite?
  116. Turned set of aces on a 3flush/straight board 3way
  117. KK vs aggro villain on a terrible board
  118. Aces vs aggro reg
  119. 4bet shove AK against loose 3better
  120. small flushdraw vs flop check-raise
  121. delayed cbet gets raised...
  122. 4bet bluff with A9 goes to turn
  123. tough spot with AA 25NL
  124. Playing against maniacs shoving a lot of hands
  125. top 2 vs a check-raise from a nitty reg
  126. 4betting AK pre, get 5bet
  127. Missed thin(ish) value on river?
  128. Good spot to check raise flop? Turn?
  129. Top pair marginal type hand
  130. Flopped flush: bet sizing question
  131. SB vs BB standard stack off spot?
  132. Big turn allin vs my TPTK in 3bet pot
  133. Aces on 3 flush board
  134. Check raise to nine times bet..
  135. Any possible argument for folding the river?
  136. A6s, 3 way all in pot/
  137. Mystery Hand
  138. Need help with triple barrels
  139. KK with paired flop
  140. Bad Value Bet on River?
  141. overpair in a 3bet pot vs bluffy check-raise
  142. straight vs paired board
  143. i need feedback
  144. set vs flush board??
  145. CR Flop Shove in 4bet pot
  146. PF Shoving against 5nl Artards
  147. 25NL Overpair
  148. ...my NL25 vid
  149. 10NL: TPTK vs unknown
  150. Folding jacks
  151. Not a question, just a goofy hand
  152. Considering getting a coach.
  153. Optimum number of tables?
  154. Folded a boat :(
  155. NL25: top 2 vs a huuuge turn shove
  156. TPTK weird villain line
  157. Flopping trips
  158. Final Hands Check
  159. bankroll management
  160. QQ all in in three way pot.
  161. shoving river with high straight on paired board
  162. minimizing lose.
  163. Maximizing value AA
  164. River Shove?
  165. Playing back at compulsive 3-betters
  166. Playing AK at the Micros
  167. Recording a Video
  168. AKs in multiway turn
  169. My redline is horrible
  170. folded a boat today
  171. JJ in EP preflop, get 3 bet by unknown
  172. Need to know I'm doing the right thing in this spot
  173. TPDK 3-way
  174. 10NL: TPGK - where to fold
  175. Maximizing ev on this cooler
  176. Check-raise?
  177. A10 oop flop tp, how to play turn?
  178. A5s flop OESFD first to act
  179. Float vs Unknown
  180. 2 pair 4 to a straight
  181. 2 "cooler spots"?
  182. 10NL: TPTK on 4th street
  183. Trips 3-way.
  184. AA, please eval my bet sizing
  185. 88 in SB, flop oesd in 3 way pot.
  186. blind on blind
  187. Did i get lucky with K10suited?
  188. Hot n Cold
  189. AK all-in preflop?
  190. Dealing with calling stations when oop
  191. AA deepstacked
  192. 3b pot TPTK facing shove on turn
  193. Pockets tens
  194. JJ 4 way preflop
  195. Should I bluff this river?
  196. Questions about Variance
  197. KQoff in CO facing BB min 3bet
  198. Home game - unlucky run into villains top range? LOL
  199. cbet the flop? Homegame
  200. Another home game hand
  201. Best Fold Ever....
  202. Hate hands like this :(
  203. Home game did i miss value
  204. 10NL: JJ facing aggression from 2 players
  205. 10NL: Paired board vs Flush
  206. JJ facing 3-bet
  207. Power Poker
  208. AA vs raise on turn
  209. Why poker makes me so mad
  210. Only calling or reraise?
  211. Possible come back?
  212. Good spot to fold kings?
  213. What Should I Have Done?
  214. Two pair vs straight
  215. Hero Call down with top pair?
  216. Getting value from paired board sets
  217. KQ squeeze 3 callers
  218. Multiway pot with initiative
  219. Big hands: river bluff or what?
  220. Bad player and min-raise
  221. Big hands: two flushes vs different opps
  222. Big hands: small river bet with a flush
  223. Top pair top kicker on two tone board
  224. Not really micro but.. an interesting Hellmuth hand
  225. Low pair+overpair to flop
  226. Bottom 2 pair on coordinated board in unraised pot
  227. NL50: AQ in a 3bet pot - bad turn shove?
  228. NL50: deep 4bet pot with a huge hand
  229. Two pair vs slowplayed set
  230. JJ on AAT board
  231. Second nut flush draw w/ pair
  232. AA monotone board 250 bb's deep 4 bet pre
  233. KK shove call or fold
  234. 99 where I was confused the whole way.
  235. What to do against draw chasers?
  236. NL25: set get check-raised on the turn
  237. Weird line by unknown
  238. AJs flop fd in multiway
  239. KQs in BB, min raise and 1 call
  240. 10NL: QQ versus limp reraise by fish
  241. Is this a profitable call?
  242. 10NL: Turn stab spot
  243. JJ with overcaller deepstacked.
  244. OES & FD on Flop IP in unraised pot.
  245. 4NL: Herocall due?
  246. 4NL: Couple of bluff spots in limped pots
  247. 25NL: AA facing worse turn card oop vs fish
  248. 4NL: So I took the passive line as you guys suggested...
  249. 4NL: valuebetting TT against shortstack
  250. 4NL line check