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  1. Rush Poker
  2. BF River or Chk behind??
  3. KK: 4 way facing overdonk bet
  4. Stack off with second pair standard on AAJ board?
  5. 2 hands and a few questions
  6. UTG +1 aggressor and someone 4 bet shoves flop. To fold KK or not to fold KK ??
  7. Should I have played my set diff ?
  8. good result w/top set on flop...?
  9. l/c from sb..huge overbet on flop
  10. sb limp calls and chk/min raises flop
  11. pkt K's - fold after raise on flop?
  12. Two 3bets from same guy..
  13. is this call ok?
  14. AKo raised on flop with fd..
  15. Any cake regs?
  16. 25nl ugly river
  17. 50nl - Flop top two, bad turn, shitty river
  18. mid pair/flush draw vs station
  19. 3bets everywhere.
  20. Lost
  21. Pot Control? Or Protect?
  22. Here fishy fishy
  23. Short stacker mother &*^$##$%
  24. River set & shove...
  25. Great flop
  26. Bottom set gets bet into...
  27. Quick post
  28. SB vs BB @ 100nL
  29. 100nL Button play
  30. NL100 - AK squeeze
  31. 50NL - 3bet pot 3-way with AQs
  32. I don't like my flop call here, so...what then?
  33. Can you fold?
  34. Called river too see how good I run...
  35. Is this shove a leak?
  36. River brings flush
  37. Weak? Or standard
  38. Nut draw
  39. When in doubt value bet?
  40. What now?
  41. So just WHAT AM I trying to do (pre-flop raise)?
  42. [50nl] plan on flop w/ JJ on Qxx against 2.5psb stack opponent (3 bet pot)
  43. Nitty fold to c/r on the river?
  44. 50NL - double barrel ok against donkey?
  45. Pretty sure he's on air..
  46. flopped set
  47. 200 BBs deep 3way
  48. QQ full ring vs Tight
  49. [50nl] Turn: bet/check, if bet, how much?
  50. AKs goes broke
  51. 50nl - overpair in 3bet pot raised on flop
  52. 10nl Poorly played hand
  53. hand that i played poorly, then folded made flush
  54. 10NL FR Implied odds situation
  55. 10nl FR Should I have jammed AA on the flop
  56. 10nl Loose Table
  57. Double barrel against a Tag - Profitable?
  58. 10 nl full ring tptk
  59. Nl50 - Two hands
  60. Did he have odds?
  61. Is this just spew?
  62. min raise on the river - spell doom!!!
  63. Live Hand - Action table
  64. Hand checks
  65. Cooler or spew?
  66. QQ against a 3bet?
  67. Any advice?
  68. Little help
  69. Anyone not get it all in on the river here?
  70. JJ played too weakly?
  71. My SSS trial @ RED KINGS
  72. 4 bet bluff oop villian calls nice flop..
  73. A2s Button vs loose passive
  74. Played badly or lost minimum???
  75. NITīs do you ever open utg?
  76. Iso raising with 97s - bad?
  77. 25nlfr KK facing turn raise 150 deep
  78. AJs UTG
  79. uhh eeh Maniac behind me
  80. Did I play TT badly here?
  81. Limping behind on the button ?
  82. 20nl titan
  83. Best way to proceed hitting a set on the turn
  84. Looking for some practical advise
  85. Weird spot with QQ
  86. The Hard Rock Straddle
  87. Rakeback down the drain
  88. this is a fold imo, yours?
  89. 25nl - Tricky river decision
  90. 25nl Tptk
  91. Odd
  92. I see $$ signs
  93. Opponent has limped every pot
  94. Is there value here?
  95. 2 hands - Anyone not getting the money in?
  96. An obvious insta fold, right?
  97. Tell me I'm right
  98. FR10 AJ on a Flush board
  99. Can anybody beat these Cake donks? bc obv I can't
  100. Seriously??
  101. Cooler or me being too stubborn?
  102. What's the right play on river brick for any draw?
  103. Is this weak or a standard fold?
  104. Can this be folded?
  105. Do I miss a VB here?
  106. Do you pay off villain with Broadway when river prs board????
  107. [10NL] KK on AAT flop against laggy opponent
  108. What to do w KK when turn completes flush and villain donk/min r us?
  109. Do I get max value here?
  110. KK laydown
  111. Weakness Or Tight
  112. Call me a fish but don't i get it in here?
  113. Should i lead out & call a shove?
  114. Just how bad do I play JJ here?
  115. What to do on turn in face of board pairing and opponent's shove?
  116. Pfr to 5xBB w JJ UTG, guy shoves ai .... do you stack off here?
  117. Obligated to call river bet w AQ on A high board?
  118. 7 high board post river .... call donk bet into me w 88?
  119. Do you call turn shove with JJ here?
  120. Do you get it in on this flop w TT? Or just CB, then fold to mini-raise?
  121. Ok line w AQ?
  122. Donkish line with KQ here?
  123. Did I miss a river VB here?
  124. Calling too much with my OESD?
  125. Evaluate my line w TT here
  126. Evaluate my line w AA here
  127. Spewy play w KQ here when turn TP Q?
  128. Flop a str8 in BB. Turn fl. What to do????
  129. Too aggro w 77???
  130. Stupid and spewy with AK (2 hands)?
  131. Turn a set. Anyone not get it in there?
  132. Bad call w over pair of 66????
  133. Too aggro with AQ?
  134. Flop OESFD ... Get it in????
  135. Flop gutshot royal flush draw ... get it all in?
  136. Do i call this only to see AK?
  137. BB odds, but hand selection?
  138. Leak?
  139. Did I overplay JT here?
  140. Flop top set, get rr on flop, do I 3bet him or flat to let him hang himself?
  141. Did I overplay this hand?
  142. 10NL - TT on 89Jr board
  143. Flopped Top Set on Scary Board
  144. Thoughts on slowplaying my flopped middle set here
  145. Anyone not get all the money in here????
  146. Tough situation on river
  147. Rate the way I play this hand
  148. Too aggro with my hand or good play?
  149. Stupid not to call with TPTK here?
  150. Does everyone else stack off here too???
  151. Is this a snap call for everyone else?
  152. New Full Ring Forum Open