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Old 11-03-2009, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by csfanatikdbz View Post
The weird thing was, he HAD the nut flush. Which is why to me his shove looked weird. He wasn't a great player by any means so I guess his play doesn't have to make sense as far as value is concerned.
Yeah... I've lost several buyins in similar situations having a good hand when I was raised so big I couldn't beleive the villain will play the nut hand that way...
So it appears like he just bet thoughtlessly and didn't expect that I will call only because the bet looked so strange I cannot imagine anyone playing the nuts in such a way... Like his stupidity gave him my stack))
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Old 11-03-2009, 06:09 PM
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He's a calling station right?

Don't make the mistake of thinking that other players are anymore than level one thinkers! His stupidity never gave him your stack, yours did!

If that sounds harsh, think it through.

Our read is that he's loose/ passive (a calling station) so he chases everything and check/ calls marginal made hands.

So we value bet hard when we're ahead and get the fcuk out the way when he check raises us!

A level one thinker simply plays their cards especially if they are a station.

So when you think about it, it makes perfect sense that he has the nuts!
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