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Old 06-11-2008, 08:46 PM
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Default $50nl vid (HU)

I know there's a HU forum, but it doesn't seem to get any traffic and I'd like some comments on my play... Obviously feel free to move it if needed though.

I'm tired of going up and down constantly playing HU so I made a video of myself doing 2 tables of $50nl HU on Stars. I think I end up down a little bit (though if I wasn't such a spewtard I would've been up), but it gives a pretty good idea of my normal HU game. I'm posting this at a couple other forums as well, but please watch it and give me some feedback because I really enjoy HU and would like to get more consistent results and make it my main game.

Linky! (~95mb on megaupload, 50 minutes long with my enthralling audio commentary)

It's in Microsoft Video 1 codec, and the audio is MPEG Layer 3... It plays fine for me in Winamp, and I know it will also play in DivX player. Let me know if you have any problems playing it and I'll see if I can help.
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Old 06-12-2008, 02:24 PM
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You seem way more inclined to defend your BB than to 3bet with playable hands, which left you in tons of awkward spots OOP with marginal hands without the betting lead.

I thought that you could have done better adjusting to the guy on the left table who got more aggro and started raising a shitload of your cbets. You just kept cbetting with the same frequency and almost always folding to his raises. One time you were about to play back, but talked yourself into a fold.

I thought the hand where you 3bet AK and then c/f the flop to a 1/4 pot bet was really bad. Calling or raising would have been better.

I really liked the overbet with the rivered trips.

But ofc the hand that stuck out most--around 32 minutes in on the right table, on the 3rd hand with a new villain, you called a 3bet w/ 57s and then shoved 3rd pair over his double barrel. To me that's total spew--the only thing you knew about villain was that he 3bet 2 out of the 1st 3 hands, not enough to go this crazy.
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Old 06-12-2008, 04:12 PM
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Thanks for the comments...

Yeah, I really screwed up the AK hand. I sometimes had trouble focusing on both tables while trying to explain my actions and I made a horrible check on the flop (for some reason I assumed that it was a limped pot, obviously that's retarded and I realized my mistake right away). I got annoyed with myself for making the first mistake and compounded that by just folding to a tiny bet... it was just a hideous hand, but everyone screws up a hand every now and then imo. That obviously isn't how I'd normally play that.

The 75 hand was less gross imo, and I really do think I caught him with the top of his range... still folding at any point would've probably been better than bluffing all in on the turn.

Playing back at the guy on the left table was tricky. He really seemed nitty to me, and I just gave him credit for a hand when he'd c/r my c-bets. The few times I did play back at him he came right back over the top, and he showed that he didn't give me credit for a hand like, ever, when he calls a 3-bet with some 5x hand then calls a c-bet with bottom pair (also calling turn/river bets in a raised pot with just A-high on a fairly coordinated board). In general I just feel like he was horrible and ran hot against me.

I'm trying to get used to the 100bb stacks after playing AP for the past 6 months. I always feel like I'm going to have to stack off with ATC when I play back at people and that has me playing slightly weak-tight... I'm definitely going to work on that.
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Old 06-25-2008, 01:13 AM
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Bumping this in case anyone missed it and would like to watch...

Also, check out my other (new) video in the HU forum here.
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