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Old 07-29-2011, 05:19 PM
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Default 45 man SnG's on stars

Hi guys, ok I'll start by saying this isn't really a question, just i needed to put my thoughts down cos i don't have any friends who are even remotely interested in poker.

Right i've been playin the 0.25c 45 man SnG's on stars with a ok win rate. I understand these games are the smallest buy-in's u can play on stars but i feel there might be a few leaks in my game. My stategy for these games is to play super tight early and widen my range as the blinds increase usally @ the 75 - 150 and 100 - 200 blind levels yet the players seem to play as horribly whatever level we are at. At these blind levels i'm usally either in push fold mode or have a decent stack, yet the push fold mode just seems to make players wanna call me down lighter when all i've ever showdown is strong hands.
I watch the hands inbetween when i've folded to try to get a good idea of people's plays, ranges etc yet there is usally only a couple of people per game who has any idea about postion and calling all in ranges. I just seem to be constantly running into guys who see a KJ suited or small pair that has pretty much no decent chance of ever being ahead of my all in range yet i just can't hold. I'm not gonna blab on about bad beats cos thats just poker but i feel like at times ppl are just playing there own cards without ANY consideration to my range. I've found when i get called by a semi decent hand I.E Q10 suited, there ALWAYS seems to be an AWFULL overcall by some noob with A7suited or 55 etc
I just wanted to hear if anybody had any thoughts about small stakes Sng's (Specifically the 45 and 27 man games)

Phew rant over i feel ten times better already
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