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Old 12-14-2011, 05:55 PM
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yea pretty much means i didnt mean to click bet, so i must not have a hand worth betting.

this is not a play i recommend lol. I just knew the villain would react with his bluffs that way. its def used a lot more in hu .

i had it in mind on a few specific rivers and pretty much instantly clicked bet lol. tbh i dont know if this is +EV here, but i just did it automatically. prob a bad play in a vacuum but hey, it does strengthen/balance my misclicking range lol
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Old 12-14-2011, 06:38 PM
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my ev graph makes me puke whenever i look at it.

such a bad month to choose to run bad imo.
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Old 01-04-2012, 12:36 AM
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I see that you are good at leveling villains.

Here is a villain that I need help with. We play live 2/5 and 5/5 together. He seems like a self taught player who isn't necessarily winning but he is a thinking player.

It's kinda tough to figure out what his range is because he plays all kinds of crap. limp calls tons of speculative hands. He will make plays to make up for his preflop spew. I have a really nitty image so I am not sure that he will make plays at me. I have shown down very little in general as you don't have to very often in live poker.

Our most recent history is a strange hand. I opened utg with ATs to 6x (this is a fairly standard size raise in the game, tends to be more bigger hands like AQ, 88+), I think ($30), button calls, villain in question calls in BB. His range has got to be literally more than 30% of hands here.

Flop is Q55r, I have a backdoor flush draw. I decide to check it. I am not certain exactly why I checked it here (I actually don't remember who the button was) but I feel like villain could try to rep the 5. I really don't know where he will make moves against me but live nits can fold an overpair, being scared of trips. The live nits are used to playing 6 way flops and forget that people don't have the good 2-3 handed. BB and I were deepish, maybe $1100 or so.

turn 2 h ($86 pot after $6 for BBJ and rake)
I turn a flush draw. Villain leads out about $60 or so. I think that he is leading with a ton of his range because he mostly thinks that I have given up. I call getting pretty good odds and my hand is one that can get paid. In position I should be able to make some moves on the river.

river off suite T ($210 pot)
Villain bets $120
Hero raises to $300. I know that the raise sizing looks small but 2.5x is prob. the most common sizing in live poker (I do 3x mostly, though). In retrospect, I would have preferred to have bigger sizing. I am actually trying to rep an overpair here and get him to fold a queen. I think that I could play an overpair this way in live poker where balance is not as important. He thinks, I do think that he is going to fold, but then does make the call. I show, he mucks, and I ship the $810.

The villain later was asking me what is with that hand. He is totally surprised with the play. He seems to want to know what my thinking was but I haven't answered him. I think that he must know that it's clearly a bluff but just wants to learn more about how I think.

So that is the most recent history. Before that, he has mostly called my bets a lot and folded to 1 barrel. I think that he likes to put me on AK, AQ, big pairs. I do open up my range a lot, though, when he is at the table with me. I don't think that he knows how much I will open up. As an aside, in these games, generally, you want to play level 3, meaning play your perceived range, against zombie ABC regs.

So he has mostly c/f to my c bets. I think that he is capable of floating c bets and taking it away on the turn with a small bet but mostly lets me take it down, prob. especially on A and K high flops. One time he c/r me on T23r and I folded. What is lol is that some percentage of the time he may have T3s there. As I said, he loves to see flops.

Another hand that I played with him I had KK, flop was 523 two hearts. turn was a 5 and I bet again. river was the K of hearts and I ch/r his really small bet. He folded. I am kinda surprised that he folded. He probably had a 4 and thought he could rep other stuff.

A lot of the players like this guy because he is action. I don't like him because he is tough to play in that he has bluffs and value in his range. I guess I am wondering where he would try to make moves against me.

Another hand, one that I was not in but was at the table for (and by the way, I don't think that he thinks of this hand as part of our relevant history), he c/r flop and barrel barrel (I think that river was an overbet) for at least 150 bb in a limped pot. flop was AA5 (I think 2 tone), turn was a J, river: I don't remember. I don't think a flush completed. This is actually not a bad spot for him to go nuts cause it's really tough for someone to have much on that board in a limped pot. The guy that he was trying to bluff had A5, though. In my experience the typical cut off for villains raising in live poker versus limping is around KJo, they limp, and better they open. But of course there is a lot of variation from player to player. AJ could even be a limp.

In the previous paragraph, the guy that tried the bluff had some sort of ace 7 so I like his play a lot less given that info since his blocks part of the range that he is trying to barrel. I would like his play a lot if he had a 5. He is not patient to wait around for a 5 in that spot so he is bluffing with equity instead
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Old 01-05-2012, 02:55 AM
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I remembered some more stuff about this villain. His name is Alok so descriptions will now be easier. The following 3 paragraphs are older hands than the above.

he called my c bet and folded to my barrel on A high dry. I had some sort of air.

One time he overcalled the flop with just overs OOP. It wasn't with A high, it was JQ on a low card board. I am pretty sure that he did not have a gutshot or anything. All he had was good relative position. The guy that he did have position on then cr barrelled vs Alok's turned top pair for a 200 bb stack. I don't know the villain that he was up against.

Another time he was in a pot where top pair paired on the turn and he started firing big. He was sorta playing his hand like he had the trips but he ended up showing down KK. He does get called by bluff catchers so guess that was his plan

I think that the way to play against this villain is to pot control a lot. It seems like he is floaty on the flop sometimes so maybe bet c/c c/c type lines.
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Old 02-02-2012, 02:46 PM
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How's the progress, Shove?
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Old 02-02-2012, 04:42 PM
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A while ago i had a downswing, run bad, staking gone bad, and withdrawing at the same time was unfortunate. I didnt have enough online to play at the limits i wanted comfortably and decided to just withdraw my roll due to real life circumstances. i got really busy with school+research+work and took time off from poker.

i actually recently just put on $250 last week seeing if i could grind it up. Its been kinda rough tho. Pretty much about breakeven lately so not much goin on. i really dont want to deposit more, so hopefully i can learn to adjust properly to these stakes.
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Old 03-09-2012, 07:47 PM
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I felt the need to update after my latest results.

I went on the most unbelievable heater/rungood/luckboxing run ever in the past 2 weeks or so. Even right now, it feels surreal to think of how fast I've been able to move up/build roll.

I might be logging a ridiculous month if i continue the hot streak. It seems silly to even consider the possibility of a 6 figure month when I was playing micros last month. 6 figure month is prob very unlikely unless some higher games with fish run, but as of now, nothing feels impossible.

--> keep shipping the run good!
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Old 03-10-2012, 01:07 PM
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Congrats on the good month. It's always nice to get the good side of variance when you are playing well. Much luck in the rest of March.
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