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Old 06-05-2008, 11:49 PM
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Default loltrickedu $100nl HU vid

That JJ call was a lot tougher than you seemed to think. Watching it I was really hating a call, but your read was dead on. Very nice.

I was a bit confused by the hand where you have JJ in the BB and 3-bet... the flop comes K-high with some rags and you insta-checked. I c-bet there every time, and I really don't understand your check.

The K8 hand where you river two pair I wasn't really sure what you were trying to justify about your river bet. I thought a bet of about 2/3 pot was perfect and that's what you went with (after thinking about a just under 1/2 pot bet). If you could explain exactly why that was a tough bet to size I'd appreciate it.

Overall you were giving that LuckySteve guy way too much credit (until the end). He was passive and horrible... in all he just seemed totally clueless about how to play winning poker. When you said something along the lines of "(s)he's probably a small winner at these stakes" I couldn't help but laugh. Steve was a huge fish imo...

One huge nit -- every time you called Steve a "she" it drove me crazy! Just because of the female avatar doesn't mean that it's girl... and generally people with a screen name that includes "Steve" aren't female.

Good video though. The stuff about c-betting everything but hands like 2nd pair/bottom pair was actually something I've never thought of. I've always c-bet if I hit any piece of the flop, but I'll try checking behind some of my more marginal hands and see if that helps. HU has been a variance nightmare for me (though I'm a solid winner I've had several 20 buy-in swings), so I'm definitely looking to improve.
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Old 06-06-2008, 02:34 AM
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Again, If you have a question about a hand PLEASE include the time it occured i don't have time to go over the whole video searching for a hand but in this case i found it quick

I should have gone into greater depth about the JJ, but i'll try to explain here. Pf i said i hope he gets crazy here so i was expecting him to (hoping=expecting in that situation) the previous pot plays a huge role in this hand one of the main deciding factors. Only hand that beats me is an Ax, and any had im willing to get it in with pf with jacks HU, so an AQ AK hand is a cooler to me. Really fast checks and calls somehow make people make wierd or bad plays ill share that hear rather then in the video because if feel like its an important concept but some of my oppenents will watch vids but not take part in the forums. So i snap check the turn and personally i take pride in my reading ability and know i am good. He actually had a wrap which was more then i expected but i knew i was good.

The second JJ continues the concept of quick checks, and making people make stupid plays. It gives them less time to think about their decisions (because competent opponents should be thinking about their actions before you even act). So it was somewhat of an information check, and once he checked behind i knew he didn't have the king, however with the ace turn this brought about a new scare card so i had to do it again. I had showdown value so thats why it got check down.

K8 i knew this explination was a bit ambiguous. 2pair in a heads up match is a huge hand. I was very confident he had a draw so most draws missed, in respect to that i knew he had nothing with a missed draw. So if he had a missed draw the only way he is going to bet alot is with a bluff, i want to make a scared bet or thin value bet to induce a bluff so that i could call it off and win a big pot with my relatively big hand. However, i decided that there were enough hands that beat me that i shouldnt be inducing a big bet here so i made a good size bet that i would most likely fold to a big raise or shove.

Looking back on the video overall i agree that he was not as good as i first precieved. I feel however it is always better to give your oppenents too much credit rather then not enough. I have a bad habit of refering to peoples sex based on their avatars, but i never know wtf to do. I guess in the english language he in context can be taken as he or she so i should start using that, it has confused me too so i will work on that although obviously not a big part of the video.
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