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Old 10-03-2009, 05:48 AM
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Question C-betting and raising before the flop

Hey all,

When I saw the two videos trikkur35 and 36 I noticed something. He almost always raised before the flop. Even with a pocket three's or something like that.

Now I'm wondering. I learned it is favorable to call with small pocket pairs. So why does he do this?

My second question is about c-betting. I noticed that he said he c-betted some times during the session. I'm a complete noob at this and I hope you can explain to me some things.

When do you c-bet and how much do you c-bet? Is the function of c-betting that the other players fold (like some kind of bluf?).

You may notice that I'm a complete beginner so I'm sorry for the questions that may be obvious for you.

I hope you guys can help me! All the help is really appreciated.

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Old 10-04-2009, 12:23 AM
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always wondered why he raises any pocket pair pre flop. I think the only logical things are

#1 it eliminates bs players
#2 raises pots in case u hit set
#3 puts money in pot for your cbet after the flop

I think #2 and #3 are profiltable only if you can get most people to fold due to the raise preflop. If you got 4-5 people in the hand and dont hit ur set I dunno about the cbet
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Old 10-04-2009, 06:24 PM
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You always want to raise any pot you enter. It might be favorable to call someone elses raise with pocket 3's looking for a set but thats about it. Remember that the opponent doesnt know what your holding...

Pro's for raising:
1.eliminates weaker hands
2.represents strength
3.puts more $$ in pot
4.take it down before flop

Con's for not raising:
1.more people involved
2.not knowing the strength of your hand
3.your rep'ing a weak holding
4.your missing out on so much profit.

Id rather take the pot down preflop any day because of my PF raise.

Mojo - you dont want to be in a pot with 4 - 5 people involved, thats the whole point of raising.
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