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Old 01-07-2011, 06:45 AM
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Default VIDEO DISCUSSION: Trikkur 51 - Trikkur Reviews Podbelski 25NL Session Part 1

**THIS THREAD IS FOR DISCUSSION OF Trikkur 51 - Trikkur Reviews Podbelski 25NL Session Part 1**

I review a member video this session. He is playing 4 tables of 25NL at Full Tilt Poker and I do a pause and commentate review. There are a lot of great spots that players can learn from and plenty more to come.

View Video

Please leave any comments or questions to the video creator below.
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Old 01-07-2011, 07:52 AM
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I want to thank Trikkur again for this opportunity he gave me, I really appreciate the depth of comments you are giving.

A bit later I'm going to post my thoughts on some hands, for now I can quickly admit your thoughts/advice were on spot. In half the cases I played differently cause I had reasons to do that (reads on the player), other cases you are correct and I was really regretting my mistakes (AJ hitting trips early on, where I had to hero call a large bet, just because I bet the turn so small).

And, you misunderstood a bit why I'm playing NL25. I was playing NL50 and winning quite a lot, but after moving up to NL100 and NL200-shallow have caught a massive card curse (strangely bound to real life events, ugh), which continued even after I dropped back to NL50/NL25. The curse suddenly ended a month ago (again, as troubles in real life), now I win like 80% of my sessions, and 10% breakeven. But this mental damage appeared to be big enough so I still want to play "safe and easy" for some time, not losing much in terms of $ so sticking to NL25 mostly.

Last edited by podbelski; 01-07-2011 at 08:06 AM.
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Old 01-07-2011, 08:27 AM
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One more thing - I really consider this is a "hairy" vid, I rarely have such a big amount of questionable plays in such a short time period (limping from the SB, opening Q5s OTB, calling raises with weak hands, mixed with postflop misplays etc), and that's why I'm happy it all happend while I was taping. This was my 3rd attempt to record smth interesting, and previous vid was annoyingly straightforward (I can upload it if someone wishes, though it has no audio).
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Old 01-07-2011, 11:28 AM
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4:30 table1, limped K9 BvB:
looks like a bad limp indeed, I just didn't want to play bigger pot, but wanted to see a flop. If I hit a pair I want to extract a couple of bets in a small pot, expecting for him to call lighter... not a big deal IMO.

4:50 table2, folded QJ vs MP raise + call:
easy fold for me, don't want to mess around having no clue what type of an opponent I'm against.

9:00 table3, raised 69s BvB:
I usually fold this, except for the cases when the BB is really tight (not this time), or like here I'm trying to make him play back lighter when I happen to catch a real hand. If he 3bets it's fine I'm folding, if he calls I'm not going to invest much more.

10:00 table3, raised Q5s OTB:
again I'm rarely raising junk even OTB, and I actually surprized I did it cause the guy seems to be quite aggro/play happy even I had a very small sample on him. I like your reasoning for cbetting the board, if the SB was a reg I think I'm betting. He's a weak player though so I can't predict what to expect from him, and I missed completely so decided to give up.

15:30 table4, AJ hitting trips:
I agree I'd better bet more. My bet was 2/3 pot, I figured I can easily shove the river with it. I didn't expect it will go the way it did - a flush hits and he leads, and the bet is still pretty big. It's definitely better to bet the turn more, so on the river we have just a halfpot in the stacks. I almost folded, but talked myself he can play enough worse aces like this, which I beat. It's either that, or he has a boat or a flush IMO, no kings/bluffs.

19:40 table4, folded Q8s OTB vs a limp:
I just try to avoid spots where I can be priced to stack off with a marginal hand due to villain's stack size. He's really short, so if I raise and he (almost likely) calls and I hit a pair it's hard to get away from it. Plus I've just staked the guy so I've chosen to pass this isoing opportunity. Your argument about this spot is a better one to raise than an earlier Q5s hand is interesting, actually I thought the opposite prior to this moment.

22:00 table3, flatted PFR with Q9s OTB:
the reason I called is I knew the opponent is a bad player, and he opens wide but seemed passive on the flop so I expected I can take away the pot if he missed, or safely fold a pair if he bets like 2 times. I'm folding in this spot vs any reg 100%. Marginal call, but I'm sure I'm not leaking money because of it. Postflop you pretty much explained my thoughts, on the turn I think he's either calling any bet or folding anyway.

27:50 table2, called CO open-raise with 33 on BB:
actually it's a fold for me, the reason I called is my HUD shown stats for a player who just left: he was a 9/5 losing fishy player, so it looked like an easy setmine spot for me, check-snapfolding K55 flop cause he hits a K or has a better pair like always. The next hand my HUD updated the stats, and I don't think it's profitable to play 33 vs that type of an opp, so I should have folded pre, or 3bet (his real stats are 24/18/AF1.5 with 75% cbet, and 100% fold-to-3b).

29:50 table2, limped J9:
again rare limp in my arsenal, simply because I have 2 middling cards + straight opportunities and the fact that both players are very bad and passive I decided to see a flop. For postflop, I agree I was lucky to win the pot, I really expected to lose the showdown but was not sure if the BTN is folding a pair to a bet, so finally decided to give up. The fact that he let me win with J-high there is actually supports my preflop call He's so bad he didn't even try to take the pot away, though he had at least 2 opportunities (flop&river).

34:40 table1, didn't raise A2o OTB:
sometimes I fold crappy aces, this time I had 2 hands on other tables so don't like to have a 3rd one, and the SB was very 3bet-happy (I know this guy), so I decided to "tighten up". Anyway, I treat A2o the same as Q5s, I mean the most profit I can get playing these hands is when the blinds fold

35:00 table4, didn't cbet a rainbow 835 flop with overcards 3way:
this is almost a standard cbet for me, the only thing I don't like is the BTN who's not a reg but a 82/22 aggro fish, so he's capable of anything from hitting the board and being stubborn to bluffing my cbet... just decided to give up due to him in the pot with position on me. More to this, the BB had not folded to a single cbet for a 100 of hands I had on him (fishy reg-wannabe player).

37:40 table3, AA vs AJ:
3bet size was larger than my standard. The raiser was an obvious fish so I expect him to either shove regardless of any extra $ in my 3bet, or call because he has some hand (like he did), or fold because he has nothing. The only reasong to 3bet smaller is to induce a light squeeze from the blinds, but the opps look like they don't do this stuff. So the bottomline is to put as much money into the pot while the opposition likes their hands, also making flop all-in a bit easier to achieve.

Seems that's it, again thanks for the review, I like you comments, and you definitely spotted at least one big mistake by me.
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Old 01-07-2011, 05:44 PM
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is there a part 2 to this?

i was gonna add my own analysis but jesus christ podbelski went over everything lol
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Old 01-07-2011, 06:14 PM
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There WILL BE a part 2. I just recorded part 1 last night, so please give me a little break
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Old 01-07-2011, 07:51 PM
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I'm impressed by the depth in which you discuss some spots Trikkur.
In this first part of the video I found a few spots where I would've had problems deciding what to do, so I can't wait for the second part. Great way to thanks podbelski for his efforts on the forum by the way.
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Old 01-07-2011, 07:53 PM
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Just wanted to say that i really enjoyed the video.
I think that commenting on session of a actual micro stakes player is a great way of making a training vid, and some good spots where discussed here.
THX and looking forward to part2.
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Old 01-07-2011, 08:46 PM
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Damn, it's been a long time since I've been here!
good 2 be back, and notice you've released one of your best video's yet. Definitely like the upgrade from the smaller limits in the previous video's, and the very deepinformation you put out there. Liked it alot, and hope to see more.. I'm hoping to begin playing again and could use some finetuning video's!
quick question: Are you yourself(trikkur) playing higher stakes, because in my reasoning u're obv loosing alot of money by not playing
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Old 01-08-2011, 12:42 AM
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Really liked this video. I like how you paused and discussed the specific hand/actions. Makes it easier to follow than the other vids where the action keeps going (I know you obviously can't pause live play). Looking forward to part 2. Learned a lot.
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