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Old 04-23-2009, 12:25 PM
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Default Half-Stack strategy

Hi. It would be nice to see a half-stack(or smaller) video, it would be a variance here on Pokertrikz. And i've heard that half-stacking could be pretty profitable for some.

I mean like this article, just that i love videos so much more

The Half-Stack Approach to NLHE
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Old 04-23-2009, 08:52 PM
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your not really going to find videos based on how to play cash with shallow stacks for a few reasons. I think the first and most obvious reason is the fact that playing w/ a short stack makes the game extremely easy (or easier than playing with a hundred+ bbs) because the smaller the stacks are, the less decisions you will have to make.. its just so straight forward, incredibly un-creative/unimagineative way to play. u really dont have to be a very good at all, as anyone who has a HUD can easily assign opening ranges to their opponents, and choose which hands they will be shoving over opens with accordingly..

second, short stackers are kind of looked down upon, and thought of as lesser poker players, not to mention pretty annoying... im talking about professional short stackers now, guys like IMSAKIDD from two plus two. not your average fish who has 90 bucks in their account and sits at a 400nl table. moral of the story is - short stacking can be profitable but not even close to as profitable as playing full stacked, and all you are doing is sayig "im either too lazy, or i dont think i have the intelligence to get good enough at poker to play with a full stack, so i'll just buy in for min and i can just sh0vez my goot hands.. eaasy game, gg wp"
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