Black Chip Poker Moves to Winning Poker Network

by trikkur

Black Chip PokerBlack Chip Poker has decided to move their poker room from the Merge Network to the Winning Poker Network. This change happened on December 3, 2012 and was primarily completed within 24 hours. The writers at 4Flush have reported that there are still a few minor cashout issues with the network change, but they are expected to be resolved before the week is over.

What Caused BCP to Move Networks?

Black Chip Poker has not given an official comment about the reason they changed networks, but speculation points to the Poker Maximus series that Merge Gaming is currently running. As a large tournament series, trying to rival things like the WSOP from PokerStars, Merge Gaming committed to some fairly high guaranteed tournament prizes for the Poker Maximus series. These high prizes were sure to cause massive overlays, which would be passed on to the operators of skins on the Merge Network. Black Chip Poker, along with Hero Poker and RPM Poker, opted out of Poker Maximus before it began last week. Currently, only Black Chip Poker has moved networks, but rumors are flying that Hero Poker and RPM Poker may be close to follow.

Poker Maximus Tournament Series

The Poker Maximus Series has massive overlays. This makes it a great deal for tournament players, but not for the operators.

The Winning Poker Network

Black Chip Poker decided to settle their poker room on the Winning Poker Network. For those unfamiliar, the Winning Poker Network was formerly known as Yatahay Network. This network goes back to the early 2000s when their only poker room was True Poker. After a number of network changes, the former Doyle’s Room decided to also settle on the Yatahay network about 3 years ago. Doyle’s Room had it’s name changed to America’s Cardroom after Doyle Brunson decided to step down as the figure head. After these changes, Yatahay decided to rebrand themselves as The Winning Poker Network, which is what they are known by today.

I personally play at True Poker and recommend that my US Players sign up for the True Poker rakeback deal; so this network change was great news for me. I could already see the changes in the True Poker cash game lobby when I played this weekend – there was a 50% increase in traffic. Most of these players are at the micro and small stakes games such as $.10/$.25 and $0.25/$0.50, but there was also a noticeable change at the higher limits tables of $1/$2 and just a bit of $2/$4. If you have played at True Poker in the past, then you might want to give them another shot with the increased amount of players they have now. You may also sign up for 27% Black Chip Poker Rakeback and you will be playing with the same players and receive the same rakeback deal that True Poker offers.

Here is a comparison of the True Poker Lobby just days before Black Chip Poker moved over and then the day of the switch. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

True Poker Lobby Before

This is the True Poker Lobby just a few days before the change

True Poker Lobby After

This is the True Poker Lobby after the network change