Full Tilt Poker Returns

by trikkur

Poker room giant, Full Tilt Poker, reopens this month to non-US Players after a tenuous year since Black Friday. This is only possible after the owners of the world’s largest online poker room, PokerStars, worked out a deal with the United States Department of Justice to pay back certain player debts that FTP had incurred. While this is good news for the poker world in general, this deal was made with some very worrying clauses.

Full Tilt Poker

First, there will no longer be a Full Tilt Poker Rakeback Program. This will be replaced with an in-house system that is similar to the PokerStars model, though not quite as good. If you are a full time grinder and rake more than $1,000/month, you will be paid at a rate that is similar to 25% rakeback. However, if you are not a big time grinder like this, you will not receive anything but freeroll entries for your rake. You can find a very detailed analysis of the new Full Tilt rewards program in this article by PokerStrategy.

Second, all players have been detracked from their former affiliates and all former affiliate deals have been severed. This means if you signed up with PokerTrikz for the previous 27% rakeback deal, you will no longer receive that deal nor can I help you with any problems that may arise from playing at Full Tilt. The new owners have even went into the account of affiliates and erased the balance from past affiliate payments made by Full Tilt. This is a big problem because Full Tilt Poker forced affiliates to use their personal Full Tilt Poker player account to receive affiliate payments, which mixed the payments into players’ poker bankroll.

While I still believe that Full Tilt Poker can be a good choice for a subsection of PokerTrikz members, I will no longer be recommending them until they rebuild their credibility. US Players have still yet to receive their funds, which totals hundreds of millions that was ripped from the poker community. I know that a lot of poker players feel that affiliates only recommend poker rooms that can make them the most money. I hope that PokerTrikz members realize that this has never been the case on this site and I have played at and usually made training videos at 95% of the rooms that I promote. The only poker rooms that you will see on PokerTrikz that I haven’t played at is because they do not accept US players, but I have heard very good things from PokerTrikz members or my trusted friends in the industry. So please know that my lack of a Full Tilt Poker recommendation has nothing to do with the money they have taken from me as an affiliate, but purely because I feel that they lack credibility after their actions of the last two years.

Play at True PokerPlayers that are looking for a new poker room that still offers a good rakeback program are in luck though. I have been personally playing at True Poker for the last year and I am happy with the 27% rakeback I receive. The software is better than most poker rooms, though it isn’t as fast or clean as PokerStars and Full Tilt. They have one of the highest rated cashiers in the poker world, consistently receiving an A-grade for fast cash outs and deposits. They are a great poker room for anyone to call home.