Lock Poker Cashout Delays

by trikkur

Lock Poker Busto

Warning to Lock Poker Players – Cashout Delays

In unfortunate news, there has been an increasing number of complaints coming from players at Lock Poker. There have been multiple threads started at other poker forums since late December 2012 bemoaning of large delays in cash outs (2+ months) and selling their funds to other players for 70 cents per dollar. Affiliates of Lock Poker have also complained of 60 day waiting time for payments. Is this the beginning of the end for Lock Poker?

Who is Lock Poker?

Lock Poker is the flagship website for the Revolution Network. They were a former skin on the Merge Gaming network, where they became one of the largest skins. Lock decided to branch off of the Merge Network and purchase the Cake Poker Network in June of 2012. They re-branded the Cake Network as the Revolution Gaming Network and immediately accelerated to the top of the traffic charts for US players.

Unfortunately it has only been 9 months since this purchase and they already seem to be facing problems. While I am not in a position to say that LockPoker is busto; I would HIGHLY recommend avoiding them at this time. I have never promoted them on PokerTrikz because of some warnings from affiliate friends of mine, so I’m hoping that not many PokerTrikz players have funds there currently.

What about the other room on Revolution Gaming?

I am not sure what the future holds for the Revolution Gaming Network because Lock Poker is the network leader. I have promoted Cake Poker and Red Star Poker since Day 1 of PokerTrikz because I personally gambled there for 3+ years and was always paid on time and without hassle. I have not played on either of these websites since 2012 when Lock Poker purchased the Cake network; so I cannot say what the situation is like for them currently.

I will continue to promote Red Star PokerCake Poker and their US brand Juicy Stakes because there hasn’t been the same amount of complaints at these websites and my experiences have always been good. I just want people to be aware of the potential problems with another skin on the network. I would suggest to continue playing at these poker rooms, but consider cashing out more frequently than you would normally. You do not want to get stuck with most of your bankroll on a site if they start having cashout delays. Even if you ultimately get paid, you will be without a proper bankroll to play on a different poker room if the need suddenly arises.

Alternatives to Lock Poker and the Revolution Network

Play at True PokerAs always, I only recommend poker rooms that have a great track record of fast, reliable player withdrawals. I know what it is like to pay the bills from my monthly poker earnings and want to provide my users with a similar experience. I am currently playing at True Poker, which has received the highest ratings for fast payouts for the last 3 years. You can sign up through PokerTrikz to receive 27% rakeback and a $1000 deposit bonus.