Red Star Poker Accepts Bitcoin

by trikkur

Red Star Poker accepts Bitcoin

Red Star Poker now accepts Bitcoin as a deposit option

In an effort to improve their payment processing speed and increase deposit options for their users, Red Star Poker has started accepting deposits in bitcoins. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that has grown in popularity and value this last year and has built a large cult-following. It is based on open-source P2P technology and requires users to download a client to transfer their funds. Other poker rooms have been rumored to be considering adding bitcoin, but Red Star Poker is one of the first to actually do it.

Real Deposit Option or Bitcoin Viral Campaign?

Call me a skeptic, but I don’t actually think this will be used by many players that are already playing at Red Star Poker. I also don’t think there is a large market of people that own bitcoins that are looking for a place to gamble with them specifically. I would be surprised to see anything more than an extremely small increase in traffic from this change; and by that I mean something like 10-20 players might decide to play at Red Star Poker because they have bitcoins and no other place to play.

However, I think this was a great move from the marketing side of things. This will surely not be the only  article that pops up about Red Star Poker now accepting bitcoins. There are also websites catering to this small niche of players that are focused only on bitcoin deposit options. This means Red Star Poker gains a lot more value and possible traffic from links acquired and brand recognition than from the actual process of depositing with bitcoins.

My Thoughts and Training Videos at Red Star Poker

I have always been a big fan of Red Star Poker and as you can see from my training videos, it was where I spent a great majority of my time playing poker. Some of these videos are a few years old, but you can check out Trikkur 17, Trikkur 20, and Trikkur 22 to get a feel for the the Red Star software. While it is still based on the same technology, there has been quite a few software improvements in the past few years that have made it easier to multitable. Another recent improvement is the increased rakeback and deposit bonus esavailable. I was personally on a 33% rakeback deal and only had a $500 deposit bonus, but if sign up through PokerTrikz you will receive 36% rakeback and a 250% up to $1,500 deposit bonus.

Note to US Players: Red Star Poker no longer accepts US sign ups. We can play at Juicy Stakes Poker, which is on the same network.