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Lock Poker Cashout Delays

Warning to Lock Poker Players – Cashout Delays In unfortunate news, there has been an increasing number of complaints coming from players at Lock Poker. There have been multiple threads started at other poker forums since late December 2012 bemoaning of large delays in cash outs (2+ months) and selling their funds to other players […]

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Trikkur 19 – 200 NL Cake Poker HU

This is my first heads up video for PokerTrikz and people really enjoyed it. Heads up is not my primary game, but I played it from time to time. The first thing to realize is you are going to play way more hands than normal. Generally you will play 50-80% of your hands on the […]

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Trikkur 18 – 200NL Cake Poker

I play 4 tables of 200NL at Cake Poker in this small stakes training video. This is a funny one to come after Trikkur 17 about tilt control. I had been running bad for a few weeks and you could hear the frustration in my voice. I get angry after I lose a few hands, […]

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