More than 200,000 users have visited PokerTrikz to receive free poker training, but here are just a few of the great PokerTrikz testimonials I have been sent by e-mail or posted in the forums. I absolutely love hearing from people that have watched my videos and found them useful, so please submit your own story […]

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Trikkur 54 – Brizzle 10NL Review 2

This is the second half of my 10NL review video for the PokerTrikz member Brizzle. You should watch the first half at Trikkur 53 – Brizzle 10NL Review 1 because this picks up where that ended. In this part of the review, I stress some of the key points from the first video such as […]

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Trikkur 53 – Brizzle 10NL Review 1

In this video, I review the first half of a session from one of the PokerTrikz forum members. He plays his normal game at 10NL and I add my own narration to the video. At times, I will stop and go into specific details about interesting hands or situations that arise. This is a great […]

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