More than 200,000 users have visited PokerTrikz to receive free poker training, but here are just a few of the great PokerTrikz testimonials I have been sent by e-mail or posted in the forums. I absolutely love hearing from people that have watched my videos and found them useful, so please submit your own story on the contact page.

Even though PokerTrikz is absolutely free, I am probably still required by some law to disclose that these testimonials are not necessarily the same results you will achieve. You may not actually care enough about being a winning poker player and not study hard enough. You might have serious tilt issues and lose all your money regardless of all my awesome advice. Just because these people became winning players with the help of PokerTrikz doesn’t mean that it is a guarantee. Poker is a difficult game, but with hard work; dedication; and the aid of PokerTrikz – you can become a winning poker player.

PokerTrikz Testimonials

There are quite a lot of poker sites on the internet where you can watch coaching videos: Stoxpoker, DeucesCracked or CardRunners – just to mention the most popular of them. Although their videos and coaches are brilliant, you have to pay a bunch of money to become one of their privileged students. Not every micro stakes player is willing to spend multiple buy-ins and would of course prefer free content on other internet pages.

PokerTrikz is the ultimate place you can find for that purpose! Without paying any money, you can enjoy and learn from various videos made by medium stakes pros. Here you will learn to use aggression the right way, to open up your game and to exploit all these weak tight and loose-passive fish out there.

If you are through with watching over 30 hours of narrated NL Hold’em videos – with more to come every week – you can join our forum in which you can analyze your brags and beats with other poker students to improve your game a lot. With more members every day, our community is growing fast and so does the creative potential that every site needs to survive.

In case you are ready to hit the felt, just check out the rakeback section, where you can find good offers to boost your bankroll.

– TheDeKay


As a poker player, I’ve felt like I was in a rut; not being able to beat >50NL, grinding it out at 20NL. So I thought to myself, I’ll try a pay training site for some good videos. At the time, I was planning to go ahead and subscribe to cardplayer.com. Fortunately, a friend of mine suggested that I should first try out the PokerTrikz site.

I was a bit unsure about the quality of the movies etc., but they are actually very great. As opposed to other sites that offer vids, PokerTrikz starts at the beginning. There is no other site where you can learn the basics of poker this well. They have excellent videos for everyone who is a low stakes grinder or a medium stakes player who wants to pick up on a few things.

I would advise anyone who is searching for a good site to try PokerTrikz out – it’s really amazing what these guys do for free. They provide quality and great poker so try it out and when you do, subscribe to the forums and join the growing community!

Greetings and see you at the tables,



Before I joined this site, I honestly was awful at online poker, believing that it was rigged and other non-sense!!! But since I have joined this site, I have seen my online poker game take a complete 180 and I am playing really really solid poker!!! I must say out of all the sites out there, this one is by far the best one that I have ever joined!!! I was getting absolutely killed at 10NL FR games and couldn’t find any answer to my game, but once I joined this site and watched some videos and received feedback from the forums – my game has completely transformed!!! The videos are extremely helpful for any player that is willing to LEARN and wants to transform their game!! Excellent feedback in the forums also!!! Great work guys!!!

– kzm214