Trikkur 1 – 200NL at Full Tilt Poker

by trikkur

This is the first poker video that I ever publicly released. I never imagined it would receive such great feedback and lead me to building PokerTrikz. At the time, I was a regular at the 200NL 6 max games on Full Tilt Poker. I wanted to do some live commentary while I played to force myself to think through my plays and for the ability to review the video afterwards to spot leaks. This is not supposed to be a starting point for new users to online poker because I discuss some intermediate concepts that I was developing at the time. There are three great hands in the first 10 minutes of the video, which I promise will teach you how to get more value from a common situation that arises.

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Interesting Hands

1:25 with – I raise on the button with AK and the Big Blind defends. The flop is and I make a standard continuation bet. The turn is the and my opponent checks to me. I decide this is a good time to Check for Value because I could easily get blown off my hand by a check/raise all in. He could have definitely check/called the flop with a club draw and it is unlikely that he will call the flop, turn, and river with a bad Ace. This leaves me in a spot where I have a ton of showdown value, but I don’t want to get check/raised off my hand and my opponent will not call 3x value bets with a worse hand. I check behind on the turn and the river is . He bets about 70% pot into us and we make an easy call with the winning hand.

2:50 with – This was a good multi-way pot that showed how to induce a bluff on a river with a marginal hand. There is a raise UTG, the button calls, and I make the call with Eights. The flop is a monotone and the action checks around.  The turn is the and I lead out $16 into the $21 pot with my overpair. The UTG raiser folds and the button calls. The river is a relative blank , but there isn’t a lot of reason to bet with my hand. Worse hands will just outright fold to me and better hands can call or raise. This is a great spot to check/call in order to induce a bluff. I check to my opponent and he bets about 55-60% pot, which I snap call and win a nice pot.

5:30 with – The immediate next hand shows the same exact concept. There is an OOP poster and we get a 5-way limped pot when I complete in the small blind. I am not sure why I actually completed in this spot and I would highly recommend just folding here. However, I strike gold on the flop of . I lead out very strong with a $9 bet into a $9.50 pot and get one caller. The turn is the and I fire $21 into a $26 pot and get another call. The river is a blank and I decide to try the check/call to induce a bluff against the same exact opponent one turn later. We check and the villain bets $44 into the $67 pot, which we call and win again versus his bluff with A2.

Key Concepts

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