Trikkur 16 – 200NL at Red Star Poker

by trikkur

I return to the 200NL tables at Red Star Poker in my Trikkur 16 training video. This is a more advanced video targeted towards players that want to turn poker into a full-time job. I talk about a few of my personal experiences with playing daily and setting a schedule or goals for myself. There is also a cool bluff and a King high river call.

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Interesting Hands

This is a new section that I’m going to start including for the training videos. It will highlight a few good hands from the video that teach a new strategy or theory that I was trying to teach. They may also just be cool or funny hands that are worth watching again.

31:40 with K3o: This is a fun hand because I end up calling the River with King high. It is a good example of reading the line that your opponent takes in a hand and realizing that they can only have a specific range. In this case, I was certain he would not have been betting for value and that he likely had a missed draw that wouldn’t contain an Ace.

32:45 with 89s: I ended up making a bluff at this pot when my pair was counterfeit by the board having 2-pair. I wanted to get my opponent to fold in what I believe was a split pot. I only had to bet 1/2 pot, which means it only needs to work 1 in 3 times. If you don’t understand why it has to work 1 in 3 times, then think about it like this. We can Bet 22 – lose 22, Bet 22 – lose 22, Bet 22 – win 48 and that would mean we would make $4 on average after making this play three times.

Goal Setting in Poker

I start to discuss playing online poker as a full-time job. Once you decide to take the next step from playing poker as a hobby to a job; you need to start setting goals. I spoke briefly about setting a specific time schedule, but some of my thoughts have changed since I made this video. I now believe it is better to set monthly goals that you can aim for instead of being too rigid with your play time. Just make sure to avoid setting goals that you can not specifically control, such as winnings.

Goals in Poker

Set goals that you have control over. Image by Stuart Miles

Good Examples of Goals

  • Play 30,000 hands
  • Play 100 hours
  • Earn $500 in rakeback

Bad Examples of Goals

  • Win $2,000
  • Move up to 100NL
  • Win a MTT

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