Trikkur 17 – 50NL Red Star Poker

by trikkur

Trikkur 17 is a video for micro stakes players that are ready to get serious about online poker. I play at 4 tables of 50NL and focus on a solid, tight aggressive (TAG) style. Even with my TAG style, this video ends up being a good example of how things can keep going wrong in a session. I miss a lot of big draws and I make some bluffs that turn out to be incorrect. This bad luck leads into a brief discussion on tilt control before the video ends.

Because PokerTrikz is 5+ years old now, there is some talk of setting up the now available PokerTrikz Rakeback section and other changes/promotions that I was doing at the time. Most of that discussion is outdated now, but you can still always use the contact page or e-mail me at Trikkur(AT)PokerTrikz[DOT]com for any questions you might have.

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Interesting Hands

11:55 with AT: I think I played this hand wrong in hindsight. I decided to check hte turn to my two opponents, even though I thought I had the best hand. I assumed one of them would make bet and I could get in a nice check/raise. With so many draws on the board however, I think it is less likely that someone bets in this spot because they would rather take the free card. I should have lead out for ~90% pot and be happy if I get a caller because my hand is likely +EV against a draw.

20:30 with 8Ts: Here is another hand that I think I misplayed. I lead out on the flop with the open-ended straight draw and get one caller. The turn is an Ace and I make a bet. I think this is a good bluff because the hands that call on that flop, normally do not contain an Ace. However, once my opponent called on the Ace turn, I think my river bet is incorrect. He has shown me that he isn’t really afraid of that Ace and the chance that I get him to lay his hand down seem pretty bad. I should of just check/folded on the river and saved myself a nice bet.

Tilt Control

This isn’t the section where I’m going to go into a ton of details about tilt control, but I briefly mentioned it in the video and it is very important. At some time, everyone is going to get sucked out on, miss all their draws, and run into coolers repeatedly. How you deal with this bad luck is more important than the monetary losses you will be suffering.

Tilted Poker Player

Sometimes nothing seems to go right when you are playing.

I do not think that NOT tilting is the key skill, as much as, just recognizing when you are tilting. Once you can recognize the signs of tilt, you can deal with it appropriately from there. Depending on your personality and the severity of your tilt, you may be able to keep playing after recognizing the signs. I’ve been able to calm myself down and continue to make good decisions even after I was tilted. However, more often than not playing while tilted is a terrible decision. Sometimes not playing poker is a more +EV move than playing poker while tilted.

How much you win or lose each session is irrelevant. In this video, I missed a few draws that could have won me an entire stack each. On the other hand, you might hit all of these and feel like a champion at the end of it. These things will generally average out over time, but you have to play a lot of hands for it to approach the average. This means you have to outlast the bad times and keep playing your best game at all times.

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