Trikkur 18 – 200NL Cake Poker

by trikkur

I play 4 tables of 200NL at Cake Poker in this small stakes training video. This is a funny one to come after Trikkur 17 about tilt control. I had been running bad for a few weeks and you could hear the frustration in my voice. I get angry after I lose a few hands, but I don’t try to alter my game because of it. Making videos helps me in that regard because I know I can’t just monkey tilt away multiple stacks if I want to post the video on PokerTrikz. Learn to take a few deep breaths and just move on from the coolers or suck outs, though it is understandably difficult at times.

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Interesting Hands

14:20 with – I 3-bet on the button against the cutoff raiser and he calls. The flop comes . With the flop being so dry, I don’t feel the need to continuation bet. I think he will call our bet with every hand that is better than us, such as 55-QQ. I also think that he will fold with the hands that are losing to us, such as AQ, AJ, suited connectors, etc.  Unfortunately, the turn pairs my hand, but my opponent shows Aces and I lose an all in.

Amusingly, you can hear the anger in my voice as I lose an all in. However, once you think about it for a second; I was always going to go broke with that hand anyway. If my opponent 4-bets me preflop, which is standard for Aces; I’m not going to hesitate to shove with my suited AK. There are worse hands he could have in this spot and I’m at the top of my 3-betting range with this hand. This is just your standard cooler and something you have to just move past and keep playing. Make sure to take a note that your opponent slow plays Aces sometimes and rebuy.

20:15 with – I raise in a blind vs. blind situation and the big blind 3-bets me. I didn’t really want to call out of position with the KJs, but I feel that my hand has decent equity still. I decided to go for a smallish 4-bet and my opponent called. The flop comes and I am happy with my top pair plus open ended straight draw.

This board is very scary though and it is easy for my opponent to play his hand if I just continuation bet. By this I mean, my opponent can just fold his hand like 88-99 that have no equity, but shove over the top with anything that hit this board. TJ, JQ, QK, AQ, and AK are all in his range and would be willing to shove over my continuation bet. I will probably have to call a shove because I am ahead of enough of that range to be +EV, but there’s no reason to play it like this.

I decided to check because I can let him bluff with his 88-99 hands and lead out with the other part of his range. Now I can be the one to shove over the top of his bet and force him to make a slightly awkward call with something like QJ.

However, my opponent checks behind and one of the worst cards in the deck shows up – . Now I’m losing to 99 and AQ, which I was beating before and I’m not going to get worse hands to put in more money. I just check and my opponent does the same.

The river is a , which puts a straight on board, but any Ace makes a better straight. There is $85 in the pot and I know my opponent will likely call a 50-75% pot bet hoping for the split. I decide to overbet the pot and shove to bluff an Ace that missed a value bet on the turn. It is going to be very difficult for my opponent to make a call, hoping that he splits the pot. This means AT BEST he is going to break even on the call, but loses a full stack when he is wrong.

My opponent tanks and decides to fold. He shows TT, which surprised me. It seems as though he wanted to slow play his set and wait until the Turn to get in more money. The ended up being a worse card for my opponent than it was even for me, which forced him to just check behind on the turn and give up his hand. If he would have played it normally and just bet the flop – I would have shoved over the top and he gets it in as a good favorite.

I like how I played the hand, but I do think my river bet could have been slightly smaller. Betting $85-100 would still be an overbet and accomplish the same thing. The all-in probably looks stronger, but I might be able to save myself $50 when my opponent randomly shows up with an Ace in this spot.

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