Trikkur 2 – 200NL at Full Tilt Poker

by trikkur

After the initial good responses to my first video, I decided that I wanted to continue making poker training videos. Recording my sessions was helping to improve my own poker game by forcing myself to do live commentary on my thought processes and then reviewing them later. I also realized it was also helping other micro and small stakes players, which allowed me to advertise my coaching services that I was starting to offer. I finally wanted a website to host my training videos and offer my coaching and so the original PokerTrikz was born. This website has went through a few different versions since then, but the main focus of helping low stakes players has always stayed the same.

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Interesting Hands

5:50 with – There is a limper UTG and UTG+1. I make an isolation raise in the Cutoff and get called by the Big Blind and UTG. We hit the jackpot with a flop and the Big Blind bets $30 into the $40 pot. I make the call and the turn is the . The big blind checks to us and I decide to check behind. I don’t hate a value bet on this turn, but I felt that it would turn my hand face up as JX and I wanted to avoid that. The river is a and the Big Blind bets $25 into the $100 pot. I make a raise to $75 and he snap calls with 55. If I bet the turn, I think my opponent will instantly fold and checking behind was a great play to disguise my hand.

19:50 with – I raise in the Small Blind vs. the Big Blind. He makes the call and the flop is . I make a standard continuation bet and the BB calls again. The turn is a , which improves my hand, but makes a lot of straight potentials. I make a pretty big bet of $33 into the $42 pot and get called again. The river is a safe and I decide that I am going for 3x streets worth of value. I was hoping that in this blind vs. blind situation; my opponent would think that my hand is much weaker than it actually is. I make a large bet of $84 into the $107 pot and get a call by J7 for 2-pair.

Key Concepts

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