Trikkur 20 – 400NL Red Star Poker

by trikkur

This is my first video at the Red Star Poker 400NL tables, which was my main game where I made most of my career earnings at. The 400NL games ran a lot more frequently in 2010 and 2011 than they do currently, but US players can still find plenty of great action at 400NL at JuicyStakes Poker, which is on the same network as Red Star Poker. There is a lot of loose action with 3-betting light preflop and multiple all ins. I misplayed one or two hands, but the session was a good one with many things to discuss. I hope everyone enjoys this Mid Stakes action because I didn’t record a lot of it.

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Interesting Hands

12:40 with – There is a limper and I raise in the cutoff with pocket Kings. The button flats my raise and the limper makes the call. The flop is and the original limper check/calls my continuation bet. The turn is an irrelevant and he checks to us. I decided to make a bet and get check/raised all in.

In this spot, I think folding is correct, but it would have been better to check behind on the turn. It sucks to give my opponent a free card if he has a flush draw, but it’s not the end of the world. However, opening myself up to the check/raise from a flush draw hurts even worse. If I check behind, I can just call most river bets if he leads into me. This would cost the same amount of money, but I would get to showdown with my valuable hand.

34:05 with – This is an interesting hand that I misplayed in the end, but I like the line I took up until that point. It starts with a limper and I raise in the cutoff and get called. The flop comes and my opponent donks into me. I bluff raise, which is fairly common for me against flop leads like this when I do not have showdown value. However, he makes a snap call and then shoves a turn. I decided to make the call because my hand improved on the Turn, but honestly I think this is a pretty clear fold. My opponent’s actions indicate a random Ace almost always and there is very little chance that my pair of nines was good. The snap call on the flop and nearly instant shove on the turn does not indicate a bluff to me in any way and should almost always be considered a weakish Ace because he limped/called preflop.

Key Concepts

  • Exploiting opponent’s tendencies such as polarized ranges
  • Checking for Value on the Turn when you have a made hand

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