Trikkur 21 – 100NL Red Star Poker

by trikkur

This video is for intermediate players at 50NL or 100NL. I take some alternative lines to the usual bet, bet, bet with my made hands and also made a few call downs with marginal hands for value. While I wold generally recommend just betting 90% of the time with your good hands, it is good to know a few different ways to get value from your opponents and what board textures to look for. There is also some talk of “upcoming” PokerTrikz changes, but this is an older video and most of those things are no longer true.

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Interesting Hands

10:20 with – I raise from under the gun+1 and the cutoff calls. The flop is , which is a good one to get value from my opponents. I make the standard continuation bet and my opponent makes the call. The turn is the and while I could just bet for value, I decide to take an alternate line. Because this card does nothing to change the board texture, if my opponent felt that his hand was good enough for a call or float, then he would also likely bet this turn. This allows me to put in a check/raise to either steal the pot outright with his extra bet in it, or force him to get it in with a suboptimal draw against my overpair. The villain obliges by betting into us and then folding to our check/raise.

33:50 with – I raise from the button with AQ and the big blind defends. The flop is and the villain donk bets into me. I decided that my AQ was ahead of his betting range, so I decided to make the call. The turn is the and the opponent bets into me again. The 6 doesn’t really change the board texture, so if I thought I was ahead on the flop – then I’m still ahead on this turn. I decide to make the call, hoping that the river is an Ace, Queen, or a total blank and it goes check/check.  Fortunately the river is the and even though I’m not thrilled about it; I can call the villain’s pot sized bet. He had A9 for a random bluff that hit an Ace on the river, which allows me to scoop a nice sized pot.

I think the easier play in this situation would be to just raise the donk bet on the flop. I don’t hate the call with the AQ, but it would be much better if I had a diamond in my hand to give me some backdoor flush possibilities. I wanted to avoid raising, so that I didn’t get shoved on and be forced to call, but sometimes that is just the easier play.

Key Concepts

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