Trikkur 22 – 20NL Red Star Poker

by trikkur

I play 4 tables of 20NL at Red Star Poker in this beginner training video. I focus on helping players that are new to online poker and review some necessary strategies at the micro stakes. I play a very tight aggressive game and focus on easy money situations like isolation raises and positional awareness. I also talk about the importance of rakeback to a micro stakes player’s bankroll and you can follow my advice by visiting the PokerTrikz rakeback section and signing up for a deal today.

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Interesting Hands

4:30 with For some reason, I misread how I played this hand and then misspoke about it throughout the video. I raise AQ under the gun and it is folded to the small blind, who then min-raises. This happens with a large range of hands at these limits, so I’m not instantly sure what he has. I make the call because I don’t want to put more money in preflop, but my hand has a lot of potential value on the flop.

The flop is and the villain checks to us. This is where I become confused. For some reason I thought I bet here, which I think is totally fine. I instead decided to check back in the hand because I was afraid of AJ/AK trying to check/raise me and I didn’t think I could get 3 streets of value from an underpair. I hoped that checking behind would disguise my Ace and let me get large bets on the turn and river.

The turn is the and our opponent checks to us. We make a large bet and are called. The river is a safe and our opponent check/calls our 75-80% pot bet. The opponent shows QQ and we take down the pot. I believe that checking the flop allowed us to get two value bets from Queens here and I don’t think he would have called three value bets.

30:55 with – It is folded to me in the small blind and I raise with JJ and the short stack BB calls. The flop is a very wet and I bet $1.25 into a $1.55 pot. The turn is a and I bet $2.20 into a $3.90 and the big blind calls. The river is the and I check to my opponent who sticks in the last $4.35 into the $8.10 pot. I make the call and he shows Q9 for the rivered straight. I don’t mind how I played the hand, but I should have made my turn bet a bit larger to give him even worse odds than he was getting. I can protect my overpair on this very scary board a lot better if I just bet $3.50 on the turn.

Key Concepts

  • Playing TAG at Micro Stakes
  • Isolation Raises
  • Positional Awareness
  • Importance of Rakeback

Sign Up for Rakeback

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