Trikkur 24 – 200NL at Red Star Poker

by trikkur

I recorded this video at the tail end of a downswing. I had just lost 16 buy-ins in that month and dropped down to 200NL to grind my bankroll back up.  It is important to self-reflect on your play when you are “running bad” to find where potential leaks are. Moving down in limits allows you relax a bit more and focus on improving your weaknesses while playing against weaker players than you normally do.

There is some talk of changes to the PokerTrikz site, but most of them never came to fruition or were removed at a later date. I found that PokerTrikz worked best when it is just focused on providing high quality training videos and strategy content for micro and small stakes players. However, I’m always open to hear your ideas, so let me know what you guys want to see.

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Interesting Hands

at 35:30 – I raise A9s from UTG+1 and the big blind calls. The flop is and it is checked to me. I make a standard continuation bet of $10 into a $14.25 pot and get immediately raised to $32. I see no reason to fold with top pair, but I don’t want to raise in this spot because he can shove with a lot of semi-bluffs and hands that dominate me.

The turn is the , which is a bit scary for me because of the flush potential. However, the big blind checks to me and I’m happy to check behind and see the river. The river is the and the big blind bets $55 into the $76 pot. The large-ish bet size made me worried that I was beat, but I think this ends up being a pretty easy call after I checked behind on the turn. I scoop the pot when the villain shows 77, but I have to applaud how he played the hand.

at 28:10 – It folds to me in the small blind and I raise with my pocket twos and the big blind makes the call. The flop is and I fire a standard continuation bet. My opponent instantly min-raises my bet, which I generally consider to be a bluff.

I think folding is standard in this spot, but I decided to get fancy and essentially float my opponent hoping to get to showdown or a club to roll off and allow me to bluff at the pot. The turn is the , which is exactly what I’m looking for. I check to my opponent and let him make a bet. I make a fairly large raise to represent the flush and my opponent tanks for a before folding and showing me his 2-pair.

Key Concepts

  • Self Reflection
  • Moving down in limits

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