Trikkur 3 – 100NL at Full Tilt Poker

by trikkur

This video was an experiment in playing a Loose Aggressive style. I had just watched a training video at CardRunners and wanted to attempt raising every hand from the button. CTS, the CardRunners pro, had mentioned doing this himself for a week straight in order to improve his button play. I moved down to 100NL so I could feel more comfortable practicing this new skill. This is a super exciting action-packed video with a lot of light 3-bets and other fun strategies. I do not suggest you copy my exact play from Trikkur 3, but you can learn a lot about preflop aggression and small pot poker by watching this video.

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Interesting Hands

16:52 with – I raise from UTG+1 and get called by the button. Unfortunately, the Small Blind squeezes and puts me in a bad spot. I decided to make the call, but this is very close and I would probably lean towards folding in most instances. The button folds leaving it heads up vs. the SB and the flop comes . The villain checks to us and I don’t see a reason to bet this flop. I decide to just check behind and I hit gold on the turn. The SB bets $16 into a $32 pot and I try to figure out the best way to get him all in. Because I had been very aggressive at this table, I decided to do a play that looks very weak and is a favorite among bad players – the min-raise. I put in a minimum sized raise to $32 hoping that my opponent will shove over the top, which he does. My set of Tens holds versus his QQ.

My opponent made a huge mistake by not betting this flop. It was very dry and there were no scare cards for him. I would have been in a very bad spot if he just makes a standard continuation bet because I would have an overpair, but it would be likely that I was beat. My opponent got fancy and slowplayed his large pair and paid for it greatly. Do not slowplay unless you have a very specific reason at the time!

Key Concepts

  • Playing Loose Aggressive Poker
  • Winning Small Pots
  • Double Barreling

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