Trikkur 4 – 200NL at Full Tilt Poker

by trikkur

I return to 200NL at Full Tilt Poker in the Trikkur 4 poker training video. I explain how you can alter your continuation bet sizing depending on different factors at the table. By changing your bet sizing based on hand strength and board texture, you are able to increase your winnings while decreasing your losses. I also explain what it means to have a “wet” or “dry” board texture and what you should be doing on each of them. You will find some good sample hands during the video of these two concepts in order to see how I react in a real world situation.

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Interesting Hands

37:30 with – I raise AT from UTG+1 and get 2 callers; the Button and a very loose Big Blind. The flop comes and the loose Big Blind bets almost full pot. I decided to raise in order to isolate against the bad player, but I feel like this is a bit loose. I would have preferred just calling here because we are going to fold out most other Tens, but continue playing with any Jacks.  The Button folds and the Big Blind calls the raise. The turn is the and it is checked to me. I have a bad feeling as though I might be beat, so I just check back and hope for a Ten or Queen and maybe an Ace. We do hit on the river when it is and the Big Blind checks to us again. I make a fairly large bet of $110 into a $140 pot and I am called by KQ for a nice $360 pot.

49:52 with –  The same loose player from earlier raises from the Cutoff and I call with A8s in position. The flop is giving me the nut flush draw, a gutshot straight draw, and a possible overcard. The CO makes a standard continuation bet and I make the call. The turn is the making us the nut flush and the CO bets $30 into a $37 pot. I decided that raising this turn would look less like a flush and more like a semi-bluff; so I make the raise to $75 and he makes the call. The river is the , which I thought might scare my opponent away. He checks to me and I stick him all in for $130 into the $185 pot and he makes the call. He shows 22 for a set of twos and I scoop the almost $450 pot.

Key Concepts

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