Trikkur 55 – 50NL True Poker

by trikkur

I’m back with some more action at True Poker. I was just playing a normal session and figured I should boot up the recording software to make a video. I’m grinding 5 or 6 tables of 50NL with PokerTracker 4 running. I play a very tight aggressive (TAG) style and I focus on adapting to my opponents. I play my hands totally different when I am facing a tight regular instead of a loose fishy player. You can sign up for the same 27% rakeback deal that I have on the True Poker rakeback page.

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Interesting Hands

at 4:30 – A loose fish raises from UTG+1 and another loose fish calls from the cutoff. I decide to overcall with a suited Ace because I want to play pots with these bad players. I would have probably squeezed if they were both TAG regulars, in an effort to take down the pot immediately or get it heads up against one player.

The flop comes and the cutoff makes a very small bet of $1.58 into a $4.74 pot. I decide to make the call with my gutshot and overcard, figuring I would get paid off if I can hit my hand. I also know that I can possibly steal the pot if there is a club and my opponent seems afraid of the flush. The preflop raiser folds and we are heads up now.

The turn is the and my opponent checks to me. I can try to steal the pot here, but I figure my hand still has value. My opponent can have a lot of random hands in this spot and when he checks, I don’t see a need to make the pot any larger than it already is.

The on the river improves my hand , but completes the flush draw. The fishy player bets 50% pot and I’m in a pretty close position. I could definitely see him betting a flush draw on the flop and the checking for a free card on the turn. There is also potential that he has a 5 and was going for a check raise on the turn. However, I think these chances are pretty slim against an opponent that plays 46% of their hands. It is more likely he would have bet a Jack or 5 on the turn and if he wanted to bet the flop with a flush draw, why would he freeze up on the turn? I decide to use my hand as a bluff catcher and our opponent obliges by showing .

at 26:10 – I raise UTG with AK and a loose fish calls me from the big blind. The flop is and our opponent checks to us. This board is very scary and connects with a lot of my opponent’s range. I still have showdown value with my AK, so I just check behind. The turn is the , which gives me top pair, top kicker and our opponent checks to us. We bet 95% pot to punish the draws and get value from our good hand. The river is the , which completes the flush draw and our opponent bets 75% pot into us. I think our opponent’s bet is VERY strong and it is unlikely that we can beat him. I fold thinking he completed his flush or has a 6 that just made trips. I could definitely see calling in this spot because our opponent has a 42% VPIP, but sometimes you have to trust your instinct.

Key Concepts

  • Playing Tight Aggressive (TAG)
  • Adapting to Fishy and Regular players
  • How to misclick for your stack Too Sad

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You can use PokerTracker 4 for 30-days with their free trial version. I highly recommend this software to any player that is trying to be serious about online poker. You can purchase the micro stakes hold ’em version for $59.99, which works for 50NL and below after your free trial is up. Once you have built your bankroll to the higher stakes games, you can pay the other $30.00 and upgrade to the full Hold ’em version.