Trikkur 6 – 200NL at Full Tilt Poker

by trikkur

This is a fun video because I catch a hot run of cards and get to show off a way to induce bluffs on the river a few times. I manage to hit a few sets with my pocket pairs and pick up Aces and Kings quite a few times. Sometimes you will run well and you must be able to extract the maximum value when it happens. There is nothing worse than receiving good hands, but not being able to capitalize on them. When I wasn’t being hit over the head with the deck, I managed to discuss a few concepts such as checking to induce a bluff and winning pots that no one else wants.

Please note that the audio gets messed up after the 29-30 minute mark. You can turn up your audio to hear me better, but the static will be just as loud. I do not own a better video source file, so we will just have to deal with the audio problems. I think the video is worth it for the first 29 minutes alone, so please enjoy.

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Interesting Hands

3:48 with – It is folded to me in the small blind. I make a raise with pocket Tens and the big blind calls. The flop is a safe one for my hand – . I make a standard continuation bet and the villain calls. The turn is another good card for my hand – . Now that my opponent has already made one call and the turn is safe, I want to bet larger than normal to win some extra money with my big hand. I make a $23 bet into a $27 pot and the villain makes the call again.

The river isn’t great for me and completes a few straights – . However, I still have an overpair to the board and the flush draw missed, as well as the gutshots that included an Ace. I believe this is a proper time to go for a check to induce a bluff. While there are a lot of hands that would call my bet, there are even more that will bluff because they cannot win the pot at showdown. I check and my opponent obliges by betting $56 into the $71 pot. In the video, I was sort of hesitant to make this call because I had a bad feeling my opponent had a 5. However, this is an easy check/call and the line I would take here the most often. As I said after the hand was over in the video, if you check to induce the bluff; you better make the call when he bets. You can’t back down once you have induced the bet.

5:40 with – I’m in the small blind with 9s and a fish player limps on the button. I make a 5x raise because I am out of position. The flop is a low one, but with a few potential draws – . I make a continuation bet and my opponent calls. The turn is another low card that puts up a few more draws – . I fire a 60% pot bet, but in hindsight I should have bet 70-80%. There are a lot of draws that my opponent could be playing here and it is unlikely that he is ahead in the hand at this point in time.

The river is the and this is going to complete most of the lower straight draws or give them 2 pair. However, the flush draw missed and the higher ends of the straights all missed. I think I could bet for value or check to induce a bluff in this situation. I decide to check because I think most fishy players like to play suited cards too much and a flush draw is a large part of his range. My opponent makes a 25% pot bet, which makes my call even easier than normal. He shows with no diamonds for a total bluff.

Key Concepts

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