Trikkur 7 – 25NL at Full Tilt Poker

by trikkur

This was my first video dedicated to the micro stakes. I moved down to 25NL and played six tables at Full Tilt Poker. I review what I call “ABC Poker” and how you can play straightforward, solid poker to become a winning player at these limits. There is also a discussion of varying opening hand ranges and only playing the hands that you feel comfortable playing postflop. Unfortunately there are some audio problems from minutes 30-33 and 34-39. The rest of the audio works perfectly and had too much good information to scrap because of the few problems. You don’t want to miss this video if you are a micro stakes player and are struggling to win.

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Interesting Hands

at 10:40 – There is a button raiser and we have pocket fives in the big blind. I decide to just call and look for a set or a good board to play back at my opponent. The flop is , which has a lot of potential draws. Even though it is unlikely my fives are beat right now, we don’t have a lot of equity if this hand keeps going. Instead of trying to check/call our opponent down, I found it better to turn the hand into a bluff and check/raise the flop. Our opponent folds and we take down the pot.

at 15:40 – I raise UTG with AQs and UTG+1 calls my raise. The flop is and I make a standard continuation bet. The turn is the and I want o fire another bet. Normally, I would bet 90% pot here, but because my opponent is short stacked and my hand is likely ahead; I just bet 40% pot. This is trying to get my opponent to shove over the top of my bet so I can call or to make my opponent think he is priced in to calling when it is incorrect to do so. The river is a and I decide to check to my opponent because there is such a large portion of draws in his range. Unfortunately, he checks behind and we don’t get extra value. However, he shows , which never would have called a bet.

Key Concepts

  • Playing ABC Poker
  • Preflop Hand Range
  • Importance of Rakeback

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