Trikkur 8 – 100NL at Full Tilt Poker

by trikkur

This video was made by request from my 100NL students. Trikkur 8 is considered an intermediate video for players looking to move up in stakes from the micros or already have moved up, but are struggling at the harder games. I discuss a new move you can use called a blocking bet and review the best ways to use it. I also cover the best way to incorporate newly learned strategies into your poker game without falling prey to Fancy Play Syndrome. If you just jump into the more advanced concepts without a solid ABC Poker game, you could open yourself up to losing more money than you should.

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Blocking Bet

First let us review a blocking bet because it doesn’t happen until later in the video. If you are out of position and want to showdown a good but not great hand and if you check your opponent is likely to bet too large for you to call – then you can use a blocking bet. It is a small bet such as 1/4 – 1/3 pot that has a goal of “freezing” up your opponent. Most opponents will just call your blocking bet even if they wanted to bet 2/3 – 3/4 pot if it was checked to them. Because of this blocking bets are normally used to dissuade river bluffs, but they can also be used to get value in rare instances.

There are a few things to note before mixing blocking bets into your game. It is actually quite rare to find a good spot to blocking bet because you normally should be looking for a larger value bet on the river if your hand is strong or trying for a check/call to induce a bluff if your opponent has missed draws in his range. You should also be careful if your opponent is a super aggressive maniac, a blocking bet may induce more river bluffs because they are getting better odds to shove. You can solve this problem by mixing in a “fake” blocking bet with the nuts every once in a while to induce a shove by your opponent that you can call.

Using New Poker Strategy

When you learn a new strategy, you have to be careful that you do not overuse it during your next sessions. A lot of players around 100NL fall into this trap because everything is finally starting to make sense to them and they really want to keep getting better. All of a sudden they forget everything they have learned up to that point and start making advanced plays every hand.  This is called Fancy Play Syndrome and you should avoid it all costs.

Instead you should focus on playing good solid ABC poker for 90% of the hands because that is the default “correct” strategy. The other 10% of the time you slowly start to mix in these new tricks that you are learning. This is not only because you are new to these skills and may make a few mistakes at first, but also because that is just how good poker is played. Most played poker hands are very simple and the correct play can be agreed upon by the community. It is only these rare hands that don’t fit the normal mold that we need to use special strategies like a blocking bet or showdown raise.

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